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The National Geographic Cover Reveals The Shocking Truth About Our Planet

Many people are aware that there’s too much plastic in our environment, but his National Geographic campaign is a true eye opener. The magazine launched a shockingly revealing campaign, wanting to change the way consumers use plastic. The campaign is called “Planet or Plastic” and it’s a must read for every person that wants to continue living on this planet.

The National Geographic campaign wants to open people’s eyes and help people learn that they need to reduce the amount of plastic they use. The magazine is also leading an example, they started sending out editions in paper. Bottle, plastic bags and straws are just some of the most problematic products. Their usage should be dramatically reduced and people should start making more conscious choices.

The images from the campaign are heartbreaking, powerful and truly eye-opening. They show the damage done by the 9 million tones of plastic waster that goes into our environment every year. Our planet, our wildlife, our nature is suffocating in plastic and we need to stop this right now!

“For 130 years, National Geographic has documented the stories of our planet, providing audiences around the world with a window into the earth’s breathtaking beauty as well as to the threats it faces.

“Each and every day, our explorers, researchers and photographers in the field witness firsthand the devastating impact of single-use plastic on our oceans, and the situation is becoming increasingly dire. Through the Planet or Plastic? initiative, we will share the stories of this growing crisis, work to address it through the latest science and research, and educate audiences around the world about how to eliminate single-use plastics and prevent them from making their way into our oceans” explains Gary E. Knell, CEO of National Geographic Partners.

Look at the powerful images and see the National Geography campaign to educate yourself!