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The Lipstick That Looks Amazing on Every Woman

It can be really difficult choosing the right lipstick color. The lipstick color must match your eyes, complexion, hair etc.

Luckily for you, Tom Ford has created a unique lipstick that looks amazing on every woman- “Black Dahlia”. “Black Dahlia” is a matte, burgundy lipstick that looks truly amazing on each woman who has ever tried it.

Take a look at the images showing how “Black Dahlia” looks like in every skin complexion!

The-Lipstick-That-Looks-Amazing-on-Every-Woman-1 The-Lipstick-That-Looks-Amazing-on-Every-Woman-2 The-Lipstick-That-Looks-Amazing-on-Every-Woman-3 The-Lipstick-That-Looks-Amazing-on-Every-Woman-4 The-Lipstick-That-Looks-Amazing-on-Every-Woman-5 The-Lipstick-That-Looks-Amazing-on-Every-Woman-6

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