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The Importance of Taking Care of Your Teeth and Oral Care

In our pursuit of beauty, it’s easy to forget about our teeth. The insufficiency of brushing twice daily but not paying special attention to oral care isn’t necessarily noticeable until you suddenly experience tooth pain. And, if this pain becomes persistent, it could be a sign of a plethora of things.

In this article, we discuss how to get a fresh start and make oral care a higher priority today.

Start with a Checkup

A checkup allows a dentist to give your teeth and gums a thorough examination. The longer that it’s been between visits, the more things the dentist may discover.

If you’ve noticed a painful tooth or discomfort around the gumline recently, this is the time to mention it. The dentist can review this area more closely and possibly take an X-ray to see beneath the surface too.

Don’t avoid the dentist! Getting regular checkups and dealing with issues early and often is best.

Do Any Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

A thorough review could highlight the need to remove one of more wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are those near the back of the mouth that sometimes develop quite poorly. This might be because the tooth is impacted or jammed awkwardly between another tooth with insufficient space remaining for full development.

To make space for proper teeth alignment or to avoid future problems when left untouched, it is often recommended to extract a wisdom tooth. If so, don’t ignore this suggestion.

Do You Need to Replace or Get a New Filing?

Tooth decay progressively erodes a tooth. If unresolved, the tooth will usually continue to breakdown and eventually need to be removed entirely. Therefore, it is best to catch any decay early, remove the decay, disinfect the area, and install a white filling to seal the tooth.

Previous metal fillingscan sometimes need replacing and can even be toxic. If you’ve found parts of this material flaking off or you would just like a better appearance, then you should seek out a state-of-the-art dental facility to remove the existing filling and replace it with a safe, white one. Not only will it be aesthetically more attractive, but it will hopefully ensure no further decay to the affected tooth too.

A service provider like Elite Dentistry of Simi Valley employs highly trained dental staff who delivers excellent dental care to their customers with state-of-the-art technology. They can confirm for you what new filings might be required.

Teeth Whitening: Get It Done Professionally

Teeth whitening is popular because it can provide a new lease on life. It’s capable of delivering a whiter smile without needing to get extensive dental work done.

There are different whitening solutions. The major difference between them is what’s inside the product. The home-based whitening solutions are commonly not up to the standard of the professional whitening products used in a dental clinic.

Once you’ve seen the dentist a few times and had them resolve any immediate oral care issues, then you’re back on solid ground. From that point, as long as you make your checkups and follow through on their suggestions, then your teeth may survive as long as you do!