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The Homemade Beverage That Will Help You Deal With Chronic Fatigue

Are you constantly tired, bloated and have bad circulation? Don’t worry. There’s a simple solution for these problems and it’s coming from your kitchen. This homemade beverage helps you deal with your chronic fatigue, detoxifies your body and improves blood flow.


Here’s what you’ll need to prepare the beverage:
  • 16 oz. red wine
  • 12 garlic cloves

Clean the garlic cloves and cut them in quarters. Place the chopped cloves in a big jar and add the wine. Seal the jar carefully. Keep the jar in a lighted place for 2 weeks. Shake the jar every day.
After 2 weeks, strain the wine and put the pure liquid in a glass bottle.

Take 1 tbs. three times a day in the course of 1 month.


This is a powerful drink for cleaning and strengthening of the blood flow and after finishing the 1 month of consuming you should make a pause of 6 months.