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The Exercise That Will Ease Your Painful Period

More than 60% of women are struggling with painful periods. Menstrual pain can be caused by many factors such as stress, unhealthy diet etc.

Yoga experts claim that painful periods aren’t something natural and if you start making some changes in your life, you can have less painful periods. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, have a healthy diet and reduce stress, you can completely eliminate menstrual pain. Experts also recommend regular breathing and relaxing séances and meditation.


This amazing exercise is called “the chair” and it can really help you sooth and even eliminate menstrual pain. Lay on your back. Inhale and lift your legs vertically. Lift your arms and exhale. Stay in this position as long as you can. Inhale while lowering your arms and exhale while lowering your legs. Repeat this exercise 1-3 times a day, one week before your period.