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The Essential Signs That Your Husband is Cheating on You

Cheating is a situation that nobody should have to go through, but statistically speaking, it’s something that a lot of us will be forced to deal with at some point in our lives. If you’re really curious as to whether or not your husband may be cheating on you, here are the core signs to watch out for.

  1. He’s on the Hunt for More “Me Time”

This is one of those signs that can absolutely creep up on you… but it’s suspicious all the same. If he regularly wants to spend more time apart — supposedly for “the good of the relationship” — it could just mean that he’s focusing on trying to become a better person. However, it could also mean that he’s filling that “Me Time” in ways that he doesn’t necessarily want you to know about… which is certainly cause for alarm.

  1. You’re Noticing Significant Changes in Behavior

Never forget that at its core, infidelity is both a behavior and a lifestyle choice. Any time you take up a new “hobby,” so to speak, your behavior changes to support it — even in ways that you aren’t immediately aware of. Therefore, if your partner suddenly changes in a way that is less obvious to him but strikingly obvious to you, you could be looking at a cheating situation that you need to get to the bottom of.

  1. He’s Suddenly Worried About His Appearance

If your partner has never been obsessed with the way he looks or dresses for as long as you’ve known him, but suddenly is very concerned about his outward appearance, this is one of the biggest red flags that you could possibly be gifted with. It means that he’s back into, “I need to impress people” mode, the same way he probably was when you first began your relationship. Only if he’s not trying to impress you, he’s certainly trying to impress someone else… and that may be “bad news” waiting to happen.

  1. Work Just Got a Whole Lot More Time-Consuming

When a husband cheats on his wife, he typically has to find time in his schedule in order to actually do that. The most obvious excuse becomes work — suddenly, he’s got to work all of these long hours and he’s even started going in on weekends. It sucks, and he “doesn’t want to do it,” but he’s going to for the good of the family — right? Not necessarily. It could mean that he’s taken the “easy way out” in terms of finding time for his new relationship (read: cheating partner), and it’s certainly something you should look into more closely.

  1. He’s Extra Secretive

If your husband has pretty much always been an open book and suddenly changes significantly, at a certain point, you have to ask yourself why. Yes, we all change as we get older, and this may just be a product of that. But it could be a product of something far more sinister, too, and it’s certainly worth a careful examination.

  1. He’s No Longer Emotionally Available

Another essential sign that your husband may be cheating on you takes the form of what happens when he’s suddenly emotionally cut off from you. If he was always properly engaged with your relationship and you can feel him begin to withdraw, cheating is likely the number one reason for this happening.

  1. Pay Attention to That Scent

Everyone has a smell — regardless of how much we try to hide it. If your husband’s smell suddenly changes, it could just be because you switched up the type of bath wash you buy for showering. However, it could also be because he’s trying to mask someone else’s perfume… which means that cheating is all but a forgone conclusion at that point.

  1. He Won’t Let You See His Phone

Finally, maybe the most obvious sign that your partner may be cheating on you has to do with what happens when his phone is suddenly locked down tighter than Fort Knox. If he won’t even let you see the screen when he receives or sends a text message, you definitely have a problem on your hands that you’re going to want to address sooner rather than later.