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The Different Types of Exercise Bikes

An exercise bike is a great resource for you to have an effective cardio workout that can suit any fitness level. You can practically use an exercise bike either in a gym or buy one for your home to use whenever you like. In comparison to other types of fitness equipment that are available for buying in the market, an exercise bike is relatively quiet.

So if you have plans to buy an exercise bike for yourself, here is a quick guide to help you understand the different types of exercise bikes and their pros and cons.

An Upright Exercise Bike

An upright exercise bike has been popular for a very long time and each new model comes loaded with new features that make this one of the best exercise bikes available in the market.An upright exercise bike is cheaper as compared to many other exercise bikes that you can buy, without jeopardising the quality of the workout you can get out of it. An upright exercise bike is also compact and can also be put away in a little corner in your home for use later. So, if you like to buy an exercise bike for yourself but have space constraints inside your home, an upright bike is your route to a quality workout at home.

When it comes to workouts, an upright bike is more versatile and less restrictive. Unlike a recumbent bike, you don’t have to remain seated in an upright bike. In fact, an upright bike is closest to a real bike than any other exercise bikes you can experience.

A Recumbent Bike

If you belong to the class of people who love comfort while workouts, a recumbent bike is more suited for you. It has a chair-like seat that offers full support to your back and a reclined posture that helps your body to feel no strain or pressure at all while workouts.

In addition to the seat, your hands in a recumbent bike are fully free, unlike an upright bike where you hold the handles like in a real bike. This also adds to the comfort as you can easily read a book or watch your favourite TV show while working out on the bike. To know more about these bikes, you can follow a Recumbent Blog online.

A recumbent bike does not beat an upright bike when it comes to an effective cardio workout, but the fact is that you end up burning the same amount of calories. This happens because a recumbent bike is so comfortable that you lose track of how long you have been exercising for.

An Indoor Cycling Bike

An indoor cycling bike or an exercise bike is commonly found in gyms where group exercise classes are held. In most facilities, these bikes can be used when there are instructor-led sessions. This is because these exercise bikes work differently to both an upright exercise bike and a recumbent bike as they cannot stop abruptly whenever you want. This bike is mostly suited for hardcore athletes and cyclists who sign up for serious training for a long time.

Buying a fitness equipment such as an exercise bike for home is a piece of investment that you do. So, you must look at all the pros and cons of each type of exercise bike to see which is the one that best matches your requirements – workout requirements, space in the house and most importantly budget.

If you find yourself landing in a fitness centre and wondering which exercise bike should you jump on, it is best to talk to others or a gym instructor to talk to them about your fitness goals and seek suggestion as to which exercise bike is best suited for you to fulfil your fitness goals quickly. After all, talking to the experts is always a good thing to do when you are clueless about a fitness equipment as an exercise done wrong can have adverse effects on your body than adding value.

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