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The Demand for Woman Security Guards Is Increasing in the US

Chances are that when most people picture a security guard, they imagine a big, broad, tall man with huge biceps and hands that can bring down a wall. However, this imagination is no longer true. Women are increasingly being hired as security guards across the U.S. Just some years ago, the number of women working in the security industry was close to zero. Today, women make up a good percentage of security guards, a number which is increasing. But why is the demand for woman security guards increasing in the U.S? Read on for more information.

Women Draw Less Attention to Those Being Protected Private security firms, independent businesses and individuals across the U.S has been lagging behind other countries in hiring women security guards. Bringing more women to the security industry has proven to add new, valuable skills that benefit the entire security industry. For instance, the stereotypical-looking male guards tend to draw attention to whoever is being protected. On the contrary women, can be mistaken for relationship partners, personal assistants, or even nannies.

Most individuals hiring personal security guards no longer want obvious security personnel. Big guys draw more attention, putting them at more risk and stress. Hence, such individuals now prefer hiring women as they will hardly draw attention to threats. This is pushing the demand higher. Moreover, high-profile individuals prefer having their kids looked after by women security guards rather than men.Instead, they often tend to seek the assistance from reliable security company for own safety. Fast Guard Service is a recognized and trusted one that meets your demand.

These days, a good female personal security guard will work all year round as men struggle to get hired.  Need to Promote Gender Equality Women are believed to be better at multitasking and more organized than men. Women are increasingly becoming more confident and daring, and these are some of the most crucial traits required of security guards. They have proven to be fit for the job such that you can now see more women patrolling shopping malls, screening people at airports, and protecting VIPs across the U.S.

The ongoing push for gender equality and diversification of the security industry has seen women being welcomed with open arms into this industry. When security firms are recruiting security guards, they are balancing gender to avoid criticism and promote fairness.

Women have become more diverse career wise and no longer shy away from careers in the security industry. Increasing Security Threats Another reason why there is an increasing demand for woman security guards in the U.S is increasing incidences of mass shootings in public spaces such as schools and malls. Fear of terror attacks has also increased the demand for more security guards, especially women.

For instance, frisking is becoming mandatory in most schools, shopping malls, railway stations, work places, and other spaces. However, female visitors may only be frisked by female security officers. Hence, any space that needs to frisk visitors has to hire a female security guard. Women are better in Diffusing Situations Female security guards have proven to be better in conflict resolution.

For instance, when fights break in a pub, hotel, or shopping mall, male guards may escalate the fight when intervening. Most men will fight a male guard who tries to intervene in their fight. However, men have been condition to know that it’s wrong to hit a woman. Hence, when a woman security guard intervenes, testosterone levels may be lowered, thus resolving the conflict quickly.

Hence, more woman security guards are being hired in the U.S to assist in such situations. Women Offer a Friendlier Face of Security the demand for woman security guards is also increasing in the U.S since women bring a friendlier face to the security industry. For instance, when people attend social events such as sporting events, concerts, and festivals, they want to enjoy the event and have a good time. The last thing they want is feeling intimidated by huge, male security guards.

Women tend to present a friendly, caring side that many people relate to without feeling intimidated. Also, when women face problems in social events such as spiked drinks and sexual harassment, they will prefer seeking assistance from another woman. As such, event organizers are hiring more women to offer security services.  It is now evident that the security industry is no longer a field for men only.

More women are becoming confident enough to offer security guard services. Today, no single security guard firm can thrive in the U.S without hiring women security guards. Individual VIPs, business premises, schools, and other institutions across the U.S are also increasingly hiring women security guards and the trend will continue.