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The Changing Culture of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are witnessing a culture shift with more and more focus being given to the concept of “home like care” to the elderly patients. Studies have shown that patients tend to respond better to treatments when they are in a home like environment rather than hospital like. This has paved the way for the popularity of Green House and other nursing home models which involve provision of nursing care in home like facilities while using the best of nursing home supplies, according to SurgicalSupplies.us.

This culture change in providing long term care faces several challenges in terms of funding and arranging the necessary staffing resources. A study published by the NCBI on the role of nursing home resources revealed that nursing homes may need to adopt innovative strategies such as paid training using agents from high performing nursing homes to facilitate the acceptance of culture change practices by nursing homes that are facing a resource crunch.

Adding the Humane Touch to Nursing Care

The transitioning of the environment in a nursing home from a medical model to a home like culture that focuses solely on the holistic well-being of the elders and other patients is aimed at improving the quality of life for these patients. This, however, does not mean that the medical requirements of the patients are ignored. It means that the patients are given the required medical care, but with a more humane touch so that they respond well and that too quickly. Whichever model a nursing home may adopt it requires certain essential nursing home medical supplies to provide long-term care services.

The Green House model involves setting up small houses to house 6-12 residents. The focus is on providing home care as well as treatment through a consistent, well trained team which takes care of all the work. The team may include some nurses besides staff which is trained to cook, assist the patients in their daily activities and engaging them in social activities. The nursing and the clinical care team takes care of medical needs of the patients via use of home nursing products and other medical supplies.

An article in Medscape revealed that studies have shown that the concept of Green House homes have resulted in improved quality of life in in terms four parameters of privacy, dignity, autonomy, and food enjoyment. Findings relating to a Swedish model of group living reveal that residents with dementia showed better preserved function, less aggressiveness, anxiety and depression and a lower use of neuroleptics and tranquilizers when housed in home like care facilities.

Services Offered by a Nursing Home

Nursing home facilities are highly suitable for people who require 24-hour medical care and supervision. These home care centers or new model nursing homes offer a comprehensive range of medical, personal and social services to the chronically ill or disabled patients. And this is done with the help of specially trained staff and certain essential nursing home medical supplies and discount nursing supplies. The staff at the nursing home will help in:

  • Day to day tasks like bathing, getting dressed, eating or any other activity.
  • Skilled nursing care that includes medical monitoring and treatments in-line with the recommendations of a doctor.
  • Special therapy services like physical, occupation, physiotherapy and respiratory.
  • Social and recreational activities to keep the patient busy and happy.

The nursing home staff is trained to identify medical urgencies and deal with them by arranging urgent medical assistance for their residents.