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The Cat With Split-Colored Face Becomes a Father To Kittens In Each Of His Colors

Do you remember Narnia? She became very popular back in 2018 thanks to her special features. Narnia has blue eyes and his face is precisely split into black and gray side. Narnia’s owner, Stephanie explained that she was extremely surprised when she first saw him, and she knew he will be exceptional.

Narnia is all grown up now and has even become a father of 2 little fur balls. The two kittens have each taken their fur color from each side of their dad’s face. The black-haired kittens was named Prada and the gray one, Phoenix and they’re both adorable.

This is not the first time that Narnia has become a parent. He has been a father several times and all of his kittens are of different color. Narnia is a father to twins Orfee and Ozanna, who are light brown; Rose, who is gray and Polaris and Phantom, who are multicolored.

Take a look at the adorable kittens and their father!