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 The Cat That Had A Rough Start At Life, Finds A Forever Home and A Loving Mom

This adorably sweet cat is called Honeycake and he loves to cuddle more than anything. Unfortunately, Honeycake had a rough start to life. When he was just a little baby, his owner put him and his 2 siblings in a garbage bag and threw them out of a moving car. Luckily, a girl passing by, saw this and rushed to help the little kittens. She took them out of the bag and took them to a local shelter.

Honeycake waited in the shelter to get adopted and if no one adopted him soon, he would be put down. An animal rescue group “Michigan Cat Rescue” heard about this adorable cat and decided to rescue him. They transferred the cat to their non-kill shelter and waited for his right owner. After a couple of months, a nurse called Renee came to see the cat. Renee and Honeycake bonded in an instant and she decided to take him home. Honeycake was thrilled for getting a new owner, he couldn’t stop hugging and licking her.

The rescue group also posted a video of the lovely duo! Renee gave him a new name, Finnegan and they have become inseparable. They’ve been together for 2 years now and they’re thrilled to be together. The sweet ginger boy loves his mom and loves cuddling with her! He has found happiness and an incredible place to call home!

Check out their amazing photos!