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The Best Ways to Care for Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows act as pillars of your face. Over the recent past, they have become the center of attention. Grooming eyebrows daily can do wonders on your face. However, people do ignore this fact. Having the right design for your eyebrow improves your facial beauty in a matter of days. Therefore, for those looking for ways to take care of your eyebrows, the following tips will work best for you.

Seek professional help

It is always a good idea to seek professional advice so as to achieve the perfect shape of your eyebrows. However, there are some who can design their preferred shape at home. This is fine. But for those who can’t get it right, seek some help from a beautician.

Consider Threading

Threading is another great way to maintain a perfect eyebrow that matches your face. Therefore, you can visit a beautician and have your extra hair growth around your eyebrows removed. It is, however, advised to visit a qualified beautician. In most cases, salonist use wax for threading. Always remember that wax is dangerous to your skin and can cause injuries. Therefore, a qualified beautician is recommended when handling wax.

Buy High-Quality Tweezers

Investing in high-quality tweezers help you to maintain your eyebrows at the comfort of your home. Tweezers are very convenient when you want to attend a public occasion such as meeting or parties. However, you should always be keen enough to ensure you don’t cause any injuries to your eyes. Nonetheless, having a high-quality tweezer shouldn’t prevent you from visiting a professional beautician.

Avoid Making Eyebrows Too Thin or Too Bold

When grooming your eyebrows, always remember to maintain your face shape. Otherwise, you might find yourself distorting everything, including your natural beauty. As such, avoid making your eyebrows too thin or too bold. Having too bold eyebrows may make your face look large or small. The shape of your eyebrow should not have any adverse effect on your face whatsoever.

Brush Your Eyebrows Regularly

Brushing your eyebrows is one of the most significant ways of taking care of them. Whenever you wake up or want to leave the house for work, take some time brushing them. You can use a thin brush that doesn’t cause damage to the eyebrows. Once this is done, you can spritz a little hair spray to keep the eyebrows intact and shiny.

Fill in Your Eyebrows

Usually, we do have different types of eyebrows. If you find yourself having sparse eyebrows, you can always fill them using a pencil eyeliner. The eyeliners do come in a different color variety. Therefore, the choice of your eyeliner should always depend on how dark or how thin you want the eyebrows to be. In addition to the eyeliner, you can also consider applying some mineral compact for blending the brush and the skin.

Tint Your Eyebrows

Natural dying of eyebrows using brow henna is another great way of maintaining them and improving their looks. Henna has been used for decades to dye hair, skin and nails. They contain natural coloring pigment that brings that natural beauty in you. Even though many salons offer brow henna services, you can always choose to apply it at home, as the process is pretty simple. You can either take a brown, black henna, or a combination of the two or apply them to your eyebrows using a clean spoolie brush or cotton swab. Once this is done, you need to wait for about 15 minutes for the henna to dry off. Then wipe it gently using a wet cloth. This leaves your eyebrows with extremely natural looking tint that lasts for several days. However, before applying the henna, you need to seek some advice from your beautician on the type of color variation that best matches your skin.