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The Best Things to do in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the most tourist-friendly countries in Africa, so it makes sense that you’d find plenty to do there. From its vast assortment of wildlife and forests, to the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, to one of the greatest migratory events the world has ever known, here are some of the best things to see and do in Tanzania.

Climb the tallest mountain in Africa

Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in all of Africa and one of the seven summits of the world, is an experience that’s well worth your time and efforts. It’s the most unique feature of Tanzania, and one that not everybody can claim to have experienced. As one of the prime attractions of the country, it should definitely be on your list if it’s not topping it.

Victoria Lapshina from Altezza Travel shares captivating details about the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. According to her, reaching the peak, known as Uhuru Peak, is an awe-inspiring experience. At an elevation of about 5,895 meters, it is the highest point in Africa. The summit offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. However, reaching Uhuru Peak is a significant challenge, demanding both physical and mental strength. Even so, with adequate preparation and determination, it is an attainable goal. Victoria also emphasizes the importance of taking the time to enjoy the journey and not just focusing on the destination. The climb is a unique experience filled with beautiful scenery, diverse flora and fauna, and unforgettable moments.

You can read more about the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in detail in the article.

Unlike many of the other experiences you can have in Tanzania, this one will require some major preparation, some of which may include weeks (or sometimes months) of preparatory exercise. The good news about this is – most of that exercise will amount to walking, hiking, and similar such preparations for a long, inclined climb.

It’s also just about the most expensive thing you can do in Tanzania, but this doesn’t tend to take away from the experience. The satisfaction of conquering the climb and seeing the gorgeous view from the top is by far one of the best activities to commit yourself to in the country. One thing you need to remember is to go with a reputable Kilimanjaro Tours Company

Visit the numerous Safaris

Africa is well-renowned for its safaris, with such names as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire known among travellers. All three of these, among others, happen to be found in Tanzania alone, making them well within the range for your list of things to do in Tanzania – and of all the listed possibilities, they ought to rank among the highest.

Safaris serve as by far the best opportunity you’ll ever have to see some of the traditional African wildlife, with the national parks, particularly the Serengeti, offering plenty of what you’d expect, from wandering lions, to grazing rhinos and gazelles. Just about everything you’ll see in any of the country’s gorgeous safaris is photogenic, from its landscapes to its animals. The tour guides are also ripe with information and always willing to answer questions!

Visiting a Tanzanian safari ranks high for sure, as it’s one of the most sought-after activities not only in the country, but the entire continent. Tourists flock to see the African wildlife in their natural, protected habitats, but what makes it really special is a certain annual event…

See the Great Migration

A major part of the Tanzania safaris is the annual event of the Great Migration, which is an occasion that draws the majority of the country’s tourists yearly. And well it should, as the sight of the millions of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles all making the move across the Serengeti’s long savannah plains towards greener pastures is a spectacle so renowned and beautiful that it’s often regarded as the biggest wildlife event in the world.

Though the event is best known in the Serengeti, the Great Migration can be seen in different places in the country, largely depending on the exact time of year. You might see the mass exodus in the North, or farther down in the South. It’s best to research this so that you know best when and how you have the best chances of seeing the Great Migration in action.

It’s no doubt one of the best experiences to have in Tanzania, and it’s one that’s well worth your time. The only real downside can be the crowds that appear around that time of year, particularly between May and July. Nonetheless, it’s well worth the trip!

Get a taste of the local Culture

One of the major joys of travel is the opportunity to try and experience new things. If culture and foods happen to top your list of favourite things to explore when abroad, then you’re in luck, because Tanzania has some of the most delicious foods, drinks, and interesting traditions to go along with them.

When it comes to some of the best foods you’ll find available, you’re going to want to try the Coconut Soup, or even something a little more curious, such as the Mango Cashew Pudding. As for drinks, you might try some of the local alcoholic brews, such as Gongo, or the banana beer. If it’s something non-alcoholic you’re hoping for, then the Mango Orange juice might be more to your flavour.

A lot of the tourists going through the country are so fascinated by the mountain, or the vast national parks, that they tend to forget about sampling some of the local culture – which is unfortunate, given that it’s more unique than you’d imagine. For sure, an experience you’d not soon forget!

Hit the Zanzibar Beaches

No trip abroad is complete without a journey to the beach, and Tanzania certainly isn’t lacking in this department. Particularly the well-known island of Zanzibar, which is a part of the country, and has some of the most splendorous beaches you could ever imagine. And depending on what part of the island you’re on, you might even find opportunities for surfing!

The sands lining the waters are soft and white, like walking on snow. The waters themselves are extremely attractive, a light and nearly clear blue. The shallower parts really show this off, and are worth seeing as much as they are worth diving into.

Stone Town is the heart of Zanzibar, and likely one of the places you’ll be visiting on the island – wholly beautiful, and extremely memorable with its Arabic-inspired structures. Whether you’re there for the beaches, the waters, or the inlands, you’re sure to find this one of the best things to do in Tanzania.

Though there’s plenty to explore in such an awe-inspiring country, you can only do so much in a single trip. But whenever you leave Tanzania, it’ll always be right there still, waiting for your return and continued exploration. There’s nearly no end to it – nor to the number of photos you’ll end up taking!