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The Best Socks for Men Online

To many men, a simple wardrobe is the best kind of wardrobe.

But one of the most overlooked items in many wardrobes is socks. These essential clothing items can make or break an outfit, along with providing essential support and comfort throughout the day.

So rather than get the cheapest socks from Target and stuff them in your drawer, wearing them until holes form, invest wisely in quality socks that will suit all your lifestyle needs.

There are over a dozen different types of socks out there that all serve a different purpose. We are going to round up the best ones that suit all men’s needs and ensure that your sock wardrobe gets the upgrade it likely desperately needs and deserves!

And because we live in a Covid world where many physical retail stores are not yet an option, we’ve rounded out the best socks for men to buy online!

1. The everyday sock

All men need that everyday sock that provides comfort, style, and a great personal fit to the food. That’s why comrad socks for men are one of the best options around because they not only fit the standard everyday needs for men’s socks but also provide a compression element that keeps blood circulation flowing and the feet and legs supported. The sock will become the ultimate go-to, whether that be for a standard workday or that weekend holiday, and will constantly be providing you with additional health benefits to boot!

2. The loafer sock

For those boat parties or Hampton house parties, loafer shoes are likely in order. However, the standard everyday sock will not cut it when it comes to this occasion, as loafer shoes require socks that are essentially invisible to others. Wearing sockless loafers is just a big no-no, so going for the no-show sock that still provides protection and support to your feet without being seen is key. These no-show socks will cut off below your ankle while also preventing your heel from developing any blisters. The loafers or boat shoes should be getting all the attention in this situation.

3. The ankle sock

For the days in which you need to have a sock covering the bottom part of your leg and your trousers at work, the ankle sock is a great go-to! It is still light, airy, and breathable while also ensuring that you remain modest in your professional work environment. Plus, these ankle socks usually work for your running shoes or gym shoes as well! So can be multi-purpose for you throughout the week, making it a must-have pair in your sock drawer.

4. The athletic sock

While ankle socks can cut it for running shoes or a gym workout, it is also a must to have the athletic sock in the collection of sock pairs as well. This is because not only does the athletic sock act as a fashion statement that compliments your newest pair of Air Jordans, but also makes a statement that you are an athletic guy. Workout wear is the new leisurewear for men and athletic socks are an important component of that ensemble.

5 . The dress sock

When it comes to dressing up for the night, it is all about the details! Whether it is your big wedding day or an important work interview, the dress sock is a tiny detail that should never be overlooked! Dress socks come in both neutral colors and patterns, so you can choose the type of dress sock that suits your personality best. You will be relieved to always have a pair of go-to dress socks in the drawer for any last-minute occasions that require the suit to come out of the wardrobe as well!

Every man needs a collection of these staple socks to proudly sit in the sock drawer.