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The Best POS Systems Provider for Nail Salons

If you are running a nail salon, then you know how important it is to give the best to your customers. The introduction of point of sales (POS) software system has simplified things not only for nail salons but for other businesses as well. With the onset of POS systems, nail salon owners can take payments and track: sales, employee’s activity, and customer information.

Here are some of the best POS systems available.

1. Vend

It remains one of the most popular points of sales system since its introduction. It is the most user-friendly in the market and is continually updating its products to ensure customers gratification. Among other things Vend allows you to accept payments and schedule appointments. It also allows you to have an inventory for selling your nail and hair products. This service can operate on both MAC and PC whether you are online or offline. Vend enables users to sign up for free although the premium plans are the most effective.


  • It can handle one time and repetitive bookings.
  • Vend users can use it on multiple products and services.
  • It is easy to use as you don’t need to switch between apps when pulling up sales.
  • This POS allows you to personalize your receipts.


  • Its users pay an additional cost for priority support making it relatively expensive.
2. SalesVu

It is a point of sale provider that allows users to store information, collect data, manage employees and run analyses. Additionally, it offers beauty and wellness management features. Clients using this software can make appointments via their phone, and the owners will receive a notification immediately. What’s more is that you and your clients will constantly be reminded of dates so that you are always ready.


  • It is simple to use.
  • It has the best marketing features.
  • It ensures that appointments are never missed.


It is a bit challenging to use it offline.

3. Clover Mini

Unlike SalesVu and Vend, this system facilitates various payment methods including cash, credit cards, mobile payments, etc. Plus, it is cheaper. Moreover, it has applications like inventory apps that help in handling orders and marketing apps to sell out your nail salon to potential customers. Users can access Clover Mini via cloud software which means you can run your business from any place you are. It is always sold with a merchant account.


  • Potential clients can use any of their preferred payment methods to pay.
  • It allows you to run your business from any place.
  • Since it has inventory and market apps, it is the most effective for your business.


  • It has to be integrated with other apps to manage bookings.
4. MindBody

It is specifically concerned with health and wellness. It allows your clients to book appointments through a link on your site. Mindbody express app will enable you to manage information about a client not to mention developers are quick to respond to customers.


  • Developers provide excellent customer service.
  • This POS allows you to track how your business is performing.
  • The availability of the Google calendar will enable you to place your appointments in one area so you can easily remember.


  • Some customers have complained about sudden hiking of prices.
  • Users have reported software malfunction.
  • It takes a lot of time to understand how it works.

When choosing a POS system, look for one that has features like salon scheduling, online appointments, managing inventory and appointment reminders. If you lack ideas on which POS to settle for, visit Nail Salon POS System for all your inquiries.

There are many other best POS systems you can choose from, but in most cases, the choice depends on the size of your salon, the services you offer and the products you are selling. Point of sales system is necessary for your nail salon business because service professionals must interact with their customer in a more personalized manner, so choose a POS system that will help you achieve that.

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