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The Best from Florence Leather Market

Florence’s Mercato di San Lorenzo designed by the famous architect Guiseppe Mengoni, dates back to the time when Florence was the capital of Italy in the late 19th Century. The San Lorenzo market is one of the most established markets in the Tuscany region and is well known amongst tourists, as a market where the ancient traditions and skills of its craftsmen lives on in the products they create. At San Lorenzo market you will find leather goods of the highest quality, displaying the craftsmanship of the Italian leatherworkers and it can indeed be called “The Leather Paradise.”

Click your mouse, to buy the best

The Pelletteria San Lorenzo can be found in Florence, and are experts in the crafting of hides into different types of leather, producing various luxurious leather items at the highest level of craftsmanship. To enable people all over the world to enjoy their Italian genuine-leather bags and wallets, they established an online store. Florenceleathermarket.com. allows wholesale and retail customers to buy with the click of a mouse, handcrafted Italian leather fashion accessories produced in Florence. The establishing of the Florence Leather Market online store enabled the export of their handcrafted “Made in Italy” products to all corners of the world at a reasonable price.

Soft Leather Wallet Tells the World about You

A soft leather wallet speaks volumes about the owner, when taken out of a purse or pocket to pay for a purchase. This is the one accessory which really tell people what the style, personality or status of the carrier is. If you want to standout in a crowd as somebody with good taste, it is important to ensure that your wallet is made of the highest quality leather, by the best craftsmen. The soft leather wallets produced by Florence Leather Market for both women and men are stylish and comes in various design and styles to compliment the need and personality if the customer.

Fashion Accessory with Classy Look

Florenceleathermarket.com has a wide variety of soft leather wallets in different styles, colours and shades to ensure that the wallet will complement any customer’s style and taste. Whatever your preference, a larger wallet or a smaller one for everyday use, it has to be stylish and high quality. When any person notice the words “Made in Italy” they immediately associate it with quality and craftsmanship, and the leather wallets of Florence Leather Market is no exception.