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The Benefits Of Wireless Dog Fences For Curious, Independent Pups

Some dogs have a bit of an independent streak and sense of adventure. They love to follow their noses and see what lies beyond the yard. The problem is that this quickly leads to trouble. Some dogs may leave the yard and get lost, or even injured on the roads. We need to make sure that our pets are secure within the property, with an escape-proof boundary. That is why more dog owners need to be aware of the benefits of wireless dog fences.

Choosing the right type of fence for your property

Dog fences don’t have to be large, physical monstrosities. Some pets will still manage to jump them or dig under them. One of the most popular options for dog owners is the wireless dog fence. This system creates an invisible barrier, with a compatible collar, to warn animals when they stray too far.

There are two options here. Some will create an in-ground dog fence with wires. This is better able to suit the shape of the boundary of the property. Yet, this also requires a lot of work. The more appealing option is to use a central transmitter with a clear radius into the yard. The benefits of wireless dog fences outweigh the cons for many owners. Still, it is important to understand any potential downsides, as well as the training requirements.

The pros and cons of using one of these wireless dog fences in your yard


1) There is no physical boundary to set up that will spoil the look of the property.

2) There is no need for digging and hard labour.

3)There is no need to tether a dog outside with an effective boundary in place.

4) Dogs can therefore enjoy the space and have a happier, more active experience outside.

5) Many of the best wireless dog fence kits are simple and inexpensive.


1) Most boundaries are circular shapes, with a radius from the central transmitter. This doesn’t always fit the property.

2) Metal structures within the containment area can effect the signal, which leads to inconsistencies.

3) These solutions do require patience and training for the best result.

The benefits of wireless dog fences are enough to make these purchases worthwhile, in the right home. Odd shaped yards with metal structures may require something different. Still, many families that employ the right training strategy can get great results from these wireless models. It is easy to set them up, especially when they have training flags and variable settings on the collar. With time, they can lead to great results and stop dogs from straying.

Training is important to get the best result

These wireless dog fence advantages are only possible with the right training. You have to introduce the idea to dogs slowly. Walk them around the boundary and show them the flags, while using a leash. Show them the collar and let them wear it for a little while, before switching it on. Stay with them for the first few attempts to make sure they are comfortable and not too scared by the warnings. Gradually, you will be able to increase the settings and remove the flags. With time, they will learn where the boundaries out and stay out of trouble.

Finding the best wireless dog fence for your pet

Now that you know some of the benefits and considerations with these top wireless dog fences, you can browse some products and learn more about this method. Once you have a suitable product, work with your dog for the best result.