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The Benefits of Rush Immunotherapy

For those who have never heard of Rush Immunotherapy, it’s a process that can be used to desensitize the immune system. It is done through an injection that introduces a small dose of the allergen into your bloodstream. The injections are usually combined with oral therapy and are quick, easy, and safe to undergo. A rush immunotherapy is a specific type of immunotherapy given over an intense period of time rather than one long treatment. Below are many benefits to your immune system and health if you undergo this type of therapy.

1. Prevents The Onset of New Allergies and Asthma Attacks

It is estimated that approximately 30-50% of people with asthma also have allergies, which is why most drugs for asthma are also antihistamines. Many people initially think taking an antihistamine when they feel symptoms of an allergy attack will help prevent the attack from occurring. While this may be true for a short time, antihistamines cause you to become desensitized to certain allergens.

To prevent the onset of new allergies and asthma attacks, it is a good idea to try out this rush immunotherapy treatment. After the treatment, you will be better able to distinguish between allergens and non-allergens, which will prevent your body from having another attack.

2. Less Time Commitment

Most people who suffer from allergies and asthma also have a busy schedule. Between work and spending time with family, there often isn’t enough time to commit to hours of treatment. Most immunotherapy treatments require multiple visits for years. It can be time-consuming and difficult for most people, especially if the treatment is for someone else. When you undergo rush immunotherapy for yourself, you will be able to complete the treatment within a few days. This makes it much easier to handle your busy schedule and not worry about missing work or events with family.

3. Investments are Lower

Over time, the cost of allergy and asthma medications adds up. Since you will no longer need to take this medication, your overall medical expenses will also decrease. This is especially beneficial for those who cannot afford expensive medications or are completely unable to work because of their allergies. If rush immunotherapy helps with your allergies, you won’t need to take prescription drugs anymore.

4. No More Serious Side Effects

When you undergo rush immunotherapy, you won’t have to deal with serious side effects like the ones caused by antihistamines. This is because immunotherapy properly targets your immune system, causing milder side effects like redness and swelling from injections and fewer medications. Not only will this stop taking antihistamines, but it will also allow you to cut out prescription drugs for asthma.

5. Reduces Office Visits for Allergy Shots

In the past, allergy shots were given at the doctor’s office. This required visits every week or so for years. It is not uncommon to still hear of people in need of allergy shots that they have missed a few appointments and doctors’ visits over this period. It’s not easy to “forget” to go when you have an allergic reaction, especially if it is mild. When you undergo rush immunotherapy, all you need are one or two injections, and that is it.

6. Offers the Fastest Route to Permanent Relief.

Allergy shots and immunotherapy have been around for a long time. In the past, you would have to go through this treatment on an ongoing basis to achieve relief. Nowadays, more efficient methods of desensitizing your body to allergens can be completed in one or two sessions. It not only makes it easier for you to handle your busy schedule but also helps you take control of your allergies sooner rather than later.

7. Reduces Flare-Ups and Crises

One of the most difficult parts of dealing with allergies is that you never know when to have another attack. Rush immunotherapy allows you to take control of your allergies so that you don’t have another attack when you least expect it. Whether it’s a stressful day at work or while out on a family outing, you will no longer have to worry about whether your allergies will get worse because of an allergen in your environment.

8. No Long-term Commitment

You don’t have to commit to years of treatment when you decide to undergo rush immunotherapy. In most cases, you only need one or two treatments to be desensitized. This makes it much easier to handle your busy schedule and not worry about missing work or appointments because of your allergies. It will also make it easier for you and your family if someone else is undergoing the treatment.

9. Corrects False Recognition of Allergens.

When you undergo rush immunotherapy, the injections and oral medications introduce small amounts of allergens and other irritants into your system. This corrects any false recognition you may have had of these irritants. Over time, you can differentiate between harmless irritants and harmful allergens. It will also allow you to avoid having an attack from exposure to harmless irritants.

10.No More Anti-Hypertensive Medication

Anti-hypertensive medication is often prescribed to those who suffer from extreme asthma attacks or allergies. These medications can be extremely expensive and cause serious side effects, especially when taken over a long period. When you undergo rush immunotherapy, these types of medication can be completely avoided, and your overall health will likely improve. All you need to do is to visit a Philadelphia ENT specialist and have the desensitizing injections to control your allergies.

In summary, Rush immunotherapy is a safe, effective, and efficient way to relieve your allergies promptly so that you can function throughout the day without any issues. Rush immunotherapy is a unique and effective method of achieving permanent relief if you suffer from allergies, asthma, or any other type of immune disease.