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The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery You May Not Be Aware of

When most of us think of breast surgery, there are good odds that breast augmentation springs to mind. Breast reduction surgery may not be requested as frequently as the implant procedure, but it is still quite a common surgery.

What many may not be aware of is that there are a number of benefits to the breast reduction surgery. Certainly the surgery can help to reduce back pain, improve overall posture and provide a more balanced aesthetic for the patient. But there are some other benefits of the surgery that may just make you more likely to consider undergoing this procedure.

Increased ability to engage in sports and other physical activities

Quite often, women who have very large breasts find that they get in the way of being able to move comfortably. This can discourage women from taking part in certain sports and physical activities. According to the breast reduction professionals at  DrAnh.com.au, large breasts can also lead to repetitive stress injuries while taking part in workouts that require repetitive motions, this could include what is colloquially referred to as jogger’s breast.

Ultimately, refraining from exercise can potentially lead to larger health concerns if women who have larger breasts simply don’t feel comfortable moving their bodies.

After recovering from the breast reduction surgery, most women find that it’s now much easier to partake in physical activities, particularly with the newfound sense of confidence and overall balance that the surgery offers.

Better fitting clothing and more shopping enjoyment

While this benefit is not a physical benefit, you can’t deny that it’ll simply be much more fun to clothe your new figure. Quite often, women who have breasts that are too large for their body frame have to size up in their tops and tees. This can lead to baggy and unflattering looks, even with the best in designer clothing.

Reducing the size of the breasts to better fit the body frame will make it much easier to find clothing that fits properly. The freedom to be able to dress your body the way that you want to, and look great doing so, is priceless.

A more youthful silhouette, as you grow older

One of the truths about larger breasts that many women are acutely ashamed of is that they tend to sag more than smaller breasts do. This is one-part genetics and many parts gravity and the natural aging process. A breast reduction will not only reduce the amount of breast tissue and the weight of the breasts, but it often includes a breast lift. The breast lift will help to place the breasts in a more youthful position, which will lead to a youthful silhouette for many good years to come.

Confidence and better overall mental health

When you look good and you’re happy with the way that you look, you generally feel good. Breast that are too large for your body frame can lead to chronic pain and discomfort, which can have a market impact on your confidence and mental well-being.

Women who undergo the breast reduction procedure often report that they feel much more confident about their appearance, they feel better about making positive lifestyle changes and even report improvements in their personal and romantic lives.

If you’re ready to reduce the size of your breasts and feel the freedom that comes from a drastic decrease in the pain that you’ve lived with for so long, you should schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can assess your aesthetic needs.