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The Award Winning Photo That Captures a Circus Monkey’s Pain

While some show the uniqueness and weirdness of some animals and others show the majesty of nature, this photo is full with sadness and terror.

Photographer Chu Yongzhi from China managed to capture a heartbreaking moment behind the scenes at the circus. He captured a photo of a monkey, chained to a bike while he’s been approached by a trainer with whip in his hand. The photo is absolutely heartbreaking and it shows the terror hidden behind every circus.

As we already said, the photography was taken in China, where circuses are wildly popular. Although the Government restrictions are not yet effective, still they banned animal circuses in 2011. Unfortunately, this isn’t only China’s problem. It’s a global issue and we need to stop treating animals as objects of entertainment.

This photo is one of the award-winning wildlife photography in 2015.