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The Art of Applying Cologne

Lots of men (and women) apply their fragrances incorrectly, which means they are not enjoying the full benefit and may be wasting their money. Applying cologne can seem like an impossible balancing act and can prevent some men from wearing it at all. Apply too much, and you risk irritating or overwhelming the people around you. Apply too little, and you may as well spray yourself with expensive water.

Luckily, by keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can ensure that your cologne makes a lasting impression for the right reasons and lasts as long as possible. By applying it correctly, you could also reduce how much you use, saving you money.

What NOT to do

This includes spraying the cologne on clothes rather than the body. If the cologne doesn’t touch your skin, it will not absorb or mingle with your body’s unique scents to deliver its full effect. It could also damage the clothes.

You might have seen some men splash cologne on their skin rather than use a spray bottle, but this can lead to over-application and waste some of the liquid. If the bottle does not have a spray nozzle, the cologne should be dabbed on with a fingertip.

Another common technique is to spray the cologne into the air and walk into the mist. This will make your floor smell a bit better, but it will not make much difference to you.

Finally, you should not rub cologne into the skin, as you will be disrupting the molecular composition of the solution, causing the scent to fade more quickly.

So, what is the art of applying cologne?

When to apply cologne

You should apply cologne to dry skin after you have had a warm shower. Showering enlarges the pores on your skin, which will maximize absorption.

How to apply cologne

It is best to spray around 4-5 inches away from your body. If you hold the bottle less than 3 inches away from your skin, you will be applying too much at once, but holding it further than 6 inches away will waste the cologne and lead to too little absorbing into your skin.

Target pulse points and warm parts of your body

By applying cologne to warm parts of your body, such as the inner arms, chest, neck, and pulse points, you are helping the fragrance to absorb more quickly, which leads to a longer-lasting and richer scent.

Apply in small doses

Before applying, you might want to consider the strength of the cologne, as this will indicate how concentrated it is and how long it will last. Higher-quality colognes from direct fragrances may only need a small amount, while others may need to be applied more liberally.

To avoid applying too much cologne, apply a small amount to one area of your body. If the scent does not last long, add some more to another area. It can also help to ask a trusted friend or family member for their opinion.

Consider taking cologne out with you

Even the best colognes will fade over time, so if you are out all day or it is a special occasion, you may want to take your cologne with you so that you can re-apply it in small amounts as needed.