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The 80-Year Old Man Built a Train For The Rescued Stray Dogs

An old man has built a train with his own two hands so he can drive around the dogs he rescues. The 80-year old man takes his loving pets for a “train walk” twice a week.


A couple of stray dogs started visiting Eugene’s farm in Texas and he decided to take care of them.

“We started feeding them, letting them inside the farm and we took them to the vet. We created a nice living environment for them,” explains Eugene.

Although the dogs had a lot of space to run and play, Eugene wanted to take them for a walk and make them happier.


“I started with a trailer hooked up to a tractor. I’d put 4-5 dogs in it and took them for a ride. Suddenly, we had more dogs and then I said to myself: There’s no more space in here. That’s when I got the idea to build the train,” says Eugene.


Eugene built the train from fiberglass barrels mounted on wheels and he takes his dogs for a special ride with his train, twice a week.


“Oh, they just love it. Every time he takes the covers off, they start jumping and barking, ready for the ride,” explained Corky Bostick, Eugene’s 87-year-old brother.


Although Eugene is 80, he’s not ready to give up his stray dogs.

“I’m going to do this as long as I can. The dogs are having a great time. They just love it,” says Eugene.