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The 4-Hour Relationship: 4 Tips on How to Spend Quality Time With Your Partner

Have you ever felt like it’s hard finding time for your partner? Most people neglect their partners not because they don’t love them, but prioritizing other things. Have you heard about “The 4-Hour Relationship”? It’s a rule that will help you learn how to invest time in your relationship and bring you closer to your partner. The rule is pretty simple: A week has 168 hours, and your relationship deserves at least 4 hours. We’re talking about 4 hours of dedicated time, being committed to your partner. You can also split those 4 hours in the best way for you and your partner. Remember, 240 minutes a week is not a lot of time, but it can do wonders for your relationship.

Here are some suggestions on how to quality spend those 4 hours with your partner:

1. Activities

There are thousands of fun activities you could do with your partner. The key to having fun is to choose new, engaging, challenging, and exciting activities. These activities will help you avoid falling into a rut and get out of your comfort zone. The best thing to choose is an activity that allows you to build and expand yourself. Some of the activities that are the most self-explaining are: showing affection, laughing together, having sex, going out, and thinking about the future.

2. Netflix and chill

Grab a spot on your couch and have a wonderful couple’s night watching your favorite movie. Make a pleasant atmosphere, pour yourselves some wine, and enjoy a calm and relaxing night.

3. Date night with other couples

You don’t have to be alone on your date night to have quality time. Invite another couple on your date night and enjoy a quality conversation: the more people, the merrier.

4. Talk

Always talk with your partner. All experts say it, communication is key to healthy relationships. Don’t just talk about your daily routines, but also have deep and meaningful conversations. These conversations will help you feel closer to your partner.

We sometimes take relationships for granted, which can be devastating for the relationship. Even if you just put in a bit of effort, 4 hours a week will make your relationship stronger and better.