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The 10 Most Powerful Food Combinations

Some foods are meant to be eaten together because their combinations have the best nutritive values. These food combinations have more powerful nutrients and they are better utilized by our bodies. Here are the 10 food combinations you must include in your diet because they can do wonders for your health!

1. Sweet Potato + Coconut Oil = Better Skin 

Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A and vitamin A is crucial for having healthy skin. Coconut oil will help your body absorb the vitamin A faster. So next time you’re cooking sweet potatoes, add some coconut oil.


2. Tomato + Avocado = Fights Cancer

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which is a cancer fighting antioxidant. The healthy acids found in avocado help the lycopene disperse faster in your organism.


3. Oatmeal + Peanut Butter = Energy Boost

This food combination is amazing for breakfast because it will give you more energy. The carbs from the oatmeal will give you more energy and the fats found in peanut butter will stabilize your blood sugar levels.


4. Black Beans + Lime = Healthy Lungs

Lime has high levels of vitamin C and the iron in the black beans will help your body absorb the vitamin C better and faster.



5. Apples + Chocolate = Healthy Heart

These two delicious foods are rich in flavonoids and flavonoids will help you have a healthy heart.


6. Almond + Yogurt = Stronger Bones

Almonds are rich in vitamin D, A and E and yogurt is rich in healthy fats. This food combination will help you strengthen your bones.


7. Hard Boiled Egg + Banana = More Energy

This combination is the ultimate power snack. Eating a hard-boiled egg and a banana will give an amazing energy boost.


8. Lemon + Kale = Stronger Muscles

This is the perfect post- workout salad. Not only will boost your immunity, but also will improve your muscle strength.


9. Garlic + Fish = Anti-Inflammatory

This heart healthy combination will reduce your cholesterol levels and can calm down any inflammatory.


10. Kombucha + Cashews = Immunity Booster

Cashew is rich in zinc and proteins and kombucha can improve the zinc absorption. This food combination is an amazing immunity booster.