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ThatWitchBeauty Is The Self Care Brand You Need To Know In 2022

Kitsie Duncan, the founder of self care beauty brand ThatWitchBeauty, practices spiritual, lunar and healing witchcraft. She first began her spiritual journey after the sudden death of her stepfather. Deeply in mourning, she turned to the paranormal to cope. “I wanted to know there was more than just him lying in a box in a cemetery. I wanted to know what I was feeling was real, and that he was “visiting” me even though I couldn’t see him,” Duncan explains. Over the years, she honed her craft, having now participated in paranormal TV shows, written a book on her psychical experiences and, of course, launched ThatWitchBeauty.

The development of ThatWitchBeauty stemmed not only from encouragement from Duncan’s friends, but also from her frustration with the beauty industry. The lack of products that made her feel good about herself was discouraging, thus she took matters into her own hands. “The intention for each product I make is to help the end-user feel that [good about themselves], and learn that taking care of themselves is something they should enjoy, and get some sort of satisfaction from,” Duncan emphasizes.

Each item Duncan sells is homemade, all-natural and charged with either moon water or crystals. The intention is that every user finds a little bit of self-love and acceptance using the product.

ThatWitchBeauty offers products for a variety of needs, such as for the face, body, hair and home.

For the face, shoppers can buy Checked Baggage all-day eye serum, Eye Put a Spell On You Eye Mask, Glamour Glow: Rose toner and Moon Water toner, Venomous KISS all-natural lip moisturizing oil, and a skincare collection called OURS.

OURS is designed to be gender-neutral and collagen-infused to help with anti-aging. Additionally, each product is infused with Sunstone Crystals, which encourage self-empowerment. The face wash, Self(ie) Love Cleanser is gentle and includes collagen-boosting essential oils. No Filter- ageless serum promotes your body’s natural ability to make Hyaluronic Acid, which creates collagen and aids against fine lines and wrinkles. Last in the collection is Money Shot- ageless facial oil. Anyone, regardless of skin type, would benefit from using this product as it gives skin the oil that it needs.

Items for the body include Love Potion No. 9 and Wake Up Witch Energizing Body Spray. Love Potion No. 9 is a cherry blossom and sweet tobacco-scented roll-on perfume intended to cultivate self-love and attract admirers. The latter, Wake Up Witch Energizing Body Spray, is an all-natural body spray that prevents drowsiness and encourages motivation and energy, all without the anxiety and restlessness that comes from coffee or energy drinks.

For the hair, ThatWitchBeauty offers Hair Magic, a serum that should be used prior to shampooing. Hair Magic facilitates longer, thicker, shinier and more voluminous hair.

The ‘home’ section includes three products: Get the Smudge Out: Smokeless Sage potion, Go the Smudge to Sleep and It’s All About Me: Meditation Room and Linen Spray. Get the Smudge Out is an alternative to burning sage for those who don’t like the smell or can’t burn anything in their house. The scent is described as ‘mossy,’ ‘woodsy,’ and ‘leathery.’ Just like burning sage, it eliminates any negativity or toxins from the area. The spray also can be used to promote energy and cleanse crystals.

Go the Smudge to Sleep consists of essential oils like clary sage, peppermint, cedarwood, ylang-ylang and lavender, and is infused with Howlite and Smokey quartz. These essential oils and crystals encourage relaxation and sleep while curbing nightmares or negative thoughts.

The third product, It’s All About Me: Meditation Room and Linen Spray is Duncan’s newest creation. It includes ylang-ylang to stimulate balance, positivity and self-acceptance, Brazilian Orange to discourage depression and anxiety, Lemon Oil (which also deters depression) and Peppermint Oil to boost focus and mental clarity. In addition, the spray is infused with Red Jasper, Rose Quartz and Amethyst to encourage balance, grounding and self-love. Also, it can help open your third eye.

It’s All About Me: Meditation Room and Linen Spray is not the only new product Duncan plans to launch this year. Soon, “Moody Magic” will be released. Moody Magic is a mood-boosting anti-aging shower/ bath gel.

Those interested in subscribing to ThatWitchBeauty’s mailing list for more information about new products and sales can do so on her website.