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Testosterone – Also Valuable to Women!

Testosterone treatment of women occurs but is still quite unusual. There is only one testosterone preparation intended for women. It’s called “Intrinsa” and is a patch that is changed twice a week.

It is approved for women who have sexual dysfunction despite estrogen treatment after having both ovaries removed. Unfortunately, this patch is not included in the Pharmaceutical Benefit, so you do not get a discount why it will be quite expensive to use.

Testosterone is formed in the testes in men and in the ovaries and adrenal glands in women. Men have a much higher level of testosterone in the blood compared to women but it has been found that testosterone is important for women as well.

Recent years have found that there are women suffering from testosterone deficiency, which results in fatigue, vitality, lack of sexual desire and satisfaction, as well as decreasing muscle strength and bone mass.

The reason may be reduced production of testosterone from the ovaries or impaired function of the adrenal cortex. Sometimes it is a side effect of cortisone treatment or any other medicine.

Obviously, testosterone levels are drastically reduced in young women who for some reason have both ovaries removed. In women with symptoms and a proven testosterone deficiency, it has been shown that testosterone supplementation in combination with estrogen therapy provides an improved sexual function. However, it has not been possible to show effect on well-being.

It is believed that testosterone treatment of women with testosterone deficiency could prevent or treat osteoporosis, build up the muscle and reduce fat mass. However, more studies are required to prove this. Learn more about testosteronbrist and how testosteron brist works in the human body.

A known side effect in women taking testosterone supplements is increased hair and acne. The major problem is that there are no long-term studies for testosterone treatment of women, because you do not know anything at all about long-term effects or risks in the long run. It is therefore likely that it will last before this becomes a more common treatment.