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Ten Basic Tips for Ukulele Beginners

If you have just bought a new Ukulele and you are a beginner player, then you will need some basic instructions on how you can play this device. In this article, we will tell you about ten tips which will help you in playing your new Ukulele.

1# Buy a real ukulele

It is quite obvious in order to learn how to play the ukulele you should first have a good one, so it is important that you do not go for the cheap ones, prices may vary on where you are situated graphically, but you should get a good priced one if you’re on budget you could go for the mid-range ones but stay away from the cheap ones and pick the best beginner ukulele.

2#  Holding your ukulele

When you have bought your ukulele, you should know how to hold it properly

And by holding it, there are two things coming in here holding it while sitting and holding it while standing. When you are sitting, make sure you hold it and rest it on your legs and wrap your arm around it. While standing, keep it against your chest and wrap your arm around it too. If you want you could also get a strap for it, but it’s all about personal preferences. Walk around with it so that you get used to walking and playing

3# Learn the basics

One all the previous things are done then comes the time for the basics of playing the ukulele. You should learn the basic cords first. It ‘s nice to start the majors and minors and then to go on further with the other cords. There are certain chords charts available that will help you to play the majors and minors of the ukulele, and you would be able to play various songs by yourself.

4# Learn songs

When you are familiar with the cords it is good to learn different songs from charts online doing so will give you a wide perspective on the ukulele and you will be able to create your beats too once you get the rhythm working for yourself.

5# Listen to other ukulele players

It is always an excellent idea to hear other players of your instrument so you could either go online and look for videos of players playing the ukulele or have a jam in session with the ukulele players and listen and observe them, this will not only give you tons of knowledge but it would also give you the opportunity to you to play the songs that you made and ask them for mistakes and or improvements.

6# Listen to yourself play

You should record yourself and listen to yourself play as it is a big factor here because you can be the judge of your music and point out your flaws and go for self-improvement, so recording and listen to yourself play is always a good idea.

7# The finger exercise

It is important to do some fingering exercise as well when you are learning to play The Ukulele. This might be a little difficult, but you need to learn that how to change cords quickly and how to strum. This may sound a bit weird, but it will help later. Your finger will become strong as well, and it will hurt less while playing.

8# Play slow

When you are learning Ukulele make sure that you are concentrating on accuracy. It is more important to play it accurate than to play it fast. So always play it slow in the beginning so it will easy for you to pick out your mistakes.

9# Decent strumming

In the beginning, you will only start to learn the Ukulele up and down, but within the time you will have to add more in it like adding the clap. There are many websites out there which can help you with it.

10# Do not miss out fun

Ukulele is a very enjoyable instrument, and you might feel a little hard to learn it at the start but do not miss out on the fun part and always enjoy playing it.