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Techniques For Losing Weight That Won’t Break The Bank

When looking to lose weight, the thought of a gym membership fee could make a wide range of unsecured loans look immensely appealing. However, with these loans being for financial emergencies only, we are here to help you find alternatives so that you can lose weight without breaking the bank.


 Weekly Meal Plan

A weekly meal plan will not only help you to eat new healthy foods that you wouldn’t usually eat, but it also allows you to focus on the foods that you really need in your diet. This will help you to cut down costs on unnecessary extras, such as biscuits and other snacks as you will be busy focusing on the healthier options to make up your weekly meal plan.

Portion Control

In addition to a weekly meal plan, it may also be beneficial to control the portion sizes that you have. This will help you to regulate your calorie intake, as well as cut down the cost of the food you are buying. Portion control is extremely beneficial, as it means that you can ensure that you are eating what your body requires, instead of indulging in snacks.

What’s more, the weekly shop is cheaper because you aren’t buying as many products and only purchasing the healthy ones that you need.


It is still possible for you to exercise without going to the gym. You can make the most of the fresh outdoors and go for a run, or you can even join a sports team and socialise at the same time. Taking up a new hobby, such as rock climbing or horse riding will get your adrenaline pumping!

Increase Daily Water Intake

We all need to drink more, and by, increasing your daily water intake can be a simple way to lose weight on a budget. By buying a durable water bottle, which you can take out and about with you, you can ensure that you have your daily 2 litres of water and stay hydrated throughout the day. By increasing your daily water amount, not only can you avoid dehydration, but you can also raise your metabolic rate and reduce the number of toxins that are in the skin, helping you to be healthy and happy on the inside and out.

Grow You own

Another way that you can lose weight on a budget is to grow your own produce. By planting your very own vegetable patch in the garden, you can not only bond with your family whilst growing healthy food, but also dramatically reduce the price of your weekly food shop. With natural produce, such as herbs, lettuce, cucumber and potatoes being grown in your garden, you can save yourself money on some of the essentials that are a staple to any healthy meal. Although this may have a rather expensive upfront cost due to paying for the tools, soils and seeds, it is an extremely effective long-term solution.

By using these alternatives, you can lose weight without breaking the bank. You don’t need a gym membership to lose weight, simply eat well, drink plenty of water and make the most of the fresh air by going for a run!