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Take a Look At What Happens When You Massage These 3 Points on Your Ears

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy for revealing stress, healing physical pain, balancing the emotional energy, and simply relaxing.

Learn the 3 major acupressure points located on your ears that will help you manage mental imbalance and stress.

1. Shen Men

This point is also called the “heavenly gate” because it’s the most powerful acupressure point. It’s located underneath the helix at the top part of the ear. Massage the spot gently for a couple of minutes for energy boosting. This helps you heal anxiety, depression and inflammation in the body.

2. Sympathetic Autonomic Point

The point is located in the inner point of the helix. Applying some pressure on this point can help you calm your body and pump adrenaline. Massaging this point on your ear also helps with a regular heartbeat, it can eliminate stress, and relaxes your muscles.

3. Point Zero

Point zero is located on the exact center of the ear. Massaging this point will help your body come back into perfect alignment-it will regulate your hormones and will help you activate your parasympathetic nervous system.