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Take a Look at the Allergic Reaction This Woman Got From an Everyday Beauty Product

Women are obsessed with beauty. Some women even go through extensive lengths to look their best and try many products on the market to achieve their goal and look flawless and fabulous. Unfortunately, some beauty products on the market can have undesirable effects, like swelling up to cartoon-alien proportions. One woman posted photos of her friend who was only trying to dye her hair.

Day 1


She started feeling funny and then this happened: Her face grew so much that she needed to go in the hospital.

Day 2


She looks hilarious with that towel on her giant head. Trying to smile can be really difficult when you’re in this condition.

Day 3


Just look at how swollen she got. By the end of day 3, her face started looking a bit normal.

Day 4


Hair dye is the worst!

Day 5


Things are getting back to normal. Most of the swelling has gone away.

This woman’s allergic reaction was caused by PPD, a compound found in the hair dye she used. If you don’t want to get a swollen face, use PPD-free hair dye just in case.

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