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How Do You Take Care of a Goldfish?

Sometimes, an aquarium can be everything that you need in terms of decorations. Small and large fish tanks help create a certain atmosphere that makes everyone feel relaxed and cozy. But what you keep in it is more important than anything.

Goldfish are most people’s first choice, due to the adaptability of this species and the low maintenance that they need. Also, they are nano fish that don’t consume a lot of food and therefore, don’t make a lot of mess.

Goldfish are not difficult to take care of, yet there are a few things that any fish owner should know before making this decision.

Here are the most important things that you need to know when it comes to taking care of goldfish:

1. They need a tank that is large enough

Just because most goldfish are nano fish, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need space. Experts recommend goldfish owners to buy aquariums with a capacity of at least 15 gallons, as most of them grow up to 12 inches. More than that, most people are tempted to buy more than one of a kind, so each fish should be able to swim freely in a tank that is large enough for its needs. Scientists argue that the goldfish’s short life reputation has been built on the fact that they used to be kept in small bowls, which decreases their life expectancy significantly.

2. Put the right gravel on the tank’s bottom

When starting to set up the aquarium, you should consider buying gravel that is not extremely fine, as it will get into your fish’s throat. If you choose this method, you will probably have to clean the tank more often, as food remains can get underneath it and cloud the water faster than usual.

3. Decorate and make sure that the fish has enough light

There are plenty of myths that promote the idea that fish don’t really remember what they see and that a home aquarium doesn’t have to be entertaining. If you are a fish lover, you probably know that it is not true. Some fish are passive and some are active, but they all like to hide, play and swim freely. Add some vegetation on the bottom of the aquarium, be it natural or fake, put some decorations and rocks into the water and make sure that there is a lighting system attached to the tank, as some fish require a lot more light than humans.

4. Don’t forget about the filtering system

Keeping your tank clean isn’t an easy task, especially if you own more than one gold fish. Still, the water must be clean in order to ensure that the fish will have a long and healthy life. Installing a high-quality filtering system will ensure that the water will be as clean as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to change it regularly.

Except for the above actions, set up a feeding schedule and make sure that you don’t keep goldfish with fish that they are not compatible with. This way, you will be the owner of healthy, active fish that will make any room more attractive.