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Swimming Pool Accessories that Every Pool Owner Must Have

Swimming pool accessories are the extra items that create that unique and fun pool experience. Investing in some simple accessories can add to the enjoyment of your pool and ensure that your friends and family have a safe experience and enjoy swimming at the pool.

When thinking about adding accessories to your pool, safety should be your priority. Fortunately, almost all the pool accessories have safety in mind. Some pool accessories are explicitly designed to enhance safety like safety ladders and pool lighting.

The following are pool accessories that are a must-have for all pool owners.

1. Pool barriers

A pool barrier prevents unauthorized access to the swimming pool area. Pool barriers are not pool fence or pool covers. Kids can access the swimming pool irrespective of their quality so you should invest highly in a system that will guarantee 100% safety.

You can consider the polycarbonate swimming pool enclosure. Once you lock the pool enclosure, nobody including the kids can access the swimming pool area. The pool barrier covers all the sections of the pool and most of them come with self-latching mechanisms, meaning even if you forget to lock the pool, it will automatically lock itself.

2. Swimming pool ladders

You cannot keep jumping into and out of the swimming pool, that’s extremely dangerous. This is why you need a ladder that is strong and free from corrosion. This will make it easy for the kids to access the pool. Most of the pool ladders are made from stainless steel or resin.

3. Pool rescue equipment

As a pool owner, you can’t afford not to have rescue equipment. Anything can happen anytime and by having the rescue equipment, you can save a life. The following are the vital equipment that you should have within the swimming pool area.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Life jackets
  • Spine board
  • Life hook, etc.

Apart from the above spool safety accessories, other items include safety ring, rope, floats, rescue tube and rescue can.

4. Pool alarms and light

Some people assume that by having a swimming pool enclosure, that they don’t need the alarm. The truth is you still need a pool alarm. By having the pool alarm, it will be impossible for an intruder to access your swimming pool area.

You can have these alarms installed in strategic locations like the pool deck, entrance, doors, and windows. The alarms can be infrared or wave detecting. Apart from the pool alarms, you also need pool lights. This will be useful especially for those who use the pool during the evening or at night.

Most of the modern swimming pool lights are mainly LED systems that are energy efficient. The pool lights will act as a safety measure and at the same time give your pool an aesthetic feeling. Giving it an adorable look.

5. Cleaning accessories

For a pool to maintain its required standards of hygiene, regular cleaning is mandatory. Cleaning will help to remove the bacteria and algae and hence reduce the chances of infections. Some of the pool cleaning accessories include swimming pool broom, pool vacuum cleaner, chemical floater, etc.