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How to Support Your Child in College

Is there anything harder than watching your son or daughter make their way through College? You want them to do well on their own and succeed under their own volition. Yet you can’t help your desire to get involved and find out about everything they are doing, even if it doesn’t really concern you! It’s a tough, tough time for any child, and lord knows they need the support from both their mum and their dad if they are going to see it through. So how are you supposed to get that perfect balance of laid-back enquiry and heartfelt attention? If you come on too strong you’re going to look needy, but if you are too laid-back you’ll look like you don’t care. Well we’ve got a few words of advice that we feel will help you find that happy medium. Here is how to find your best role in your child’s life, as they are going through College.

Offer support

At some point, your child is going to moan about the amount of work that they are being set by their tutors. It’s true that College’s set a lot of important and challenging work to students. But what should you do? Should you just empathise with them and move on? Should you offer to do the work for them? Well, actually the answer lies somewhere in between. What you can do is offer your support! You could say to them ‘well I can look through some of you work if you like’. You’ll be able to cross-check things like grammar or spelling. Also, if you are aware of the subject they are writing about, you could also check their facts and statistics on the subject. This can really do a great job of uprooting problems and issues in their text. Wondering other ways that you could support? Well search out what sort of online resources are available to them. There are a load of essay writing services out there, like Paperial or another site. How they help, is that they enable students to buy cheap essay material, be it in History, English, Geography, any sort of subject! These sites can assign you a writing companion that will help your son or daughter a great deal. So the next time your child comes to you saying that they are stressed out, drop them a web address of an essay writing service, or take their essay yourself and have a look through it.

Give them a break

When it comes time for your son or daughter to come home from College, it’s really important that they register that time at home as ample time to relax. They have to think about work and stress and deadlines all the way through the College year, so when they come home they are looking for a way in which to relax and unwind. Help them to do this! You can do this in however way you want, cook them food you know they like, organise some time outside in order for them to get fresh air. The most important thing is that they spend some time thinking about something other than all their work. They will really appreciate the down time you help them to get, and it will help them focus on all of their work when it comes time to focus!


One of the best ways you can offer help and support is simply by being there. A call, once a week to catch up and find out what they are doing at College, and also what you are doing at home can really help them to feel involved in the family unit. This is another method to take their mind off of their work again, just make sure you don’t talk too much and give them enough time to come forward with any worries or concerns they have!

College is an increasingly tough time for students, due dates, essays, revision and more! But with the help of these tips, you can really have a good influence on your child and help them through their time there. After all, if you do this, they will get amazing marks, and you will be extremely proud!