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Super Easy DIY Bathroom Projects

It’s time to get crafty and give your bathroom a new and cool look. These DIY projects are super easy to do, won’t take a lot of time and will definitely make your bathroom look cute.

1. Transformed Toothbrush Holder


Create a new fancy toothbrush holder from an old, wooden figurine. Drill some holes into the figurine and then paint the figurine with white paint spray. Don’t have a cordless drill? See the best cordless drill for the money. You can also add some glitter if you want to.

2. Mod Geometric Rug


This crafty rug will give your bathroom a new and modern look. All you need is some old furniture feed pats and felt. Cut out 36 felt circles in different colors. Glue on the circles to the adhesive side of the pads. Attach all circles using fabric glue and let the glue dry for at least 30 hours before using your rug.

3. Bathroom Jars


Don’t throw away your old jars because you can transform them into something gorgeous. Choose a colorful patterned paper and cut out some strips. Glue the strips directly on the jar. Drill a hole on the lid, paint the lid and let it dry. Once the lid has dried, attach a cute knob on it. You can use these bathroom jars to keep cotton products.

4. Mirror Makeover


Make some stripes on your old mirror frame using tape. Once you put the tape, use your favorite color to spray paint the frame. Remove the tape before the color is completely dry.

5. Tile Tattoos


Give your white tiles a new and modern look. All you’re going to need is some vinyl stickers. Choose some vinyl stickers with interesting designs and glue the sticker on the white tiles.

6. Patterned Sink and Shelves


You can easily transform your old, white sink into a modern bathroom piece with adhesive wallpaper tiles. Gently apply the wallpaper tiles around the sink and wrap it around the corners. Use same pattern wallpaper on your old shelves and your bathroom will get a completely new look.

7. Stylish Rope Rug


Use a braided polypropylene rope to create a stylish bathroom rug.