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How Sulfate Free Shampoos Help Restore Your Hair’s Beauty

Many people do not ask themselves what ingredients go into the shampoos that they use and how they can affect the hair. You would be surprised to find out that most shampoos contain a detergent called lauryl sulfate. It is a chemical that can be found in a lot of personal care products like body wash, face wash, hair conditioners, toothpaste and soap.

This detergent has the potential of removing the natural oils produced by the hair, cause hair breakage and degrade the pigmentation provided by hair dye. Fortunately, you can find loads of sulfate-free shampoos on the market and opting for them can do wonders do you hair. Here is how sulfate free shampoos help restore your hair’s beauty.

Prevents the Scalp from Developing Inflammation and Irritations
People with extremely sensitive scalps are prone to inflammations and irritations, some of them after using product that contain sulfates. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid, or at least limit your usage and opt for shampoos that do not contain this chemical. If you find this subject interesting, you can always read more about sulfate free shampoo.


Not only that, but sulfates and other chemicals that usually come together with it can cause some serious damages to the scalp, affecting not only the hair but also impeding its ability to grow healthy hair. Therefore, switching to natural products is the best way to avoid these inconveniences.

Could Prevent Hair Loss

Typically, shampoo producers put sulfate in their products because it is a cheap ingredient that produces that bubbly effect that we all love. The thing is these same sulfates that make washing our hairs such a pleasant activity are also the catalysts of many unpleasant side effects, some of them which we will cover later in this article.

Sulfates (or sodium lauryl sulfates, as experts call it) work as degreasers as they help remove dirt and dust particles from the hair. Once the user rinses his hair, they are sent down the drain by the sulfates. As effective as it can be, repeated exposure to sulfate can have some nasty effects on both the hair and scalp. Although it is worth noting that shampoos with sulfates rarely cause hair shedding, thinning or loss by excessively inflaming the scalp, it is best to avoid them just in case.

Preservers the Color of Dyed Hair

Hair coloring is a common care routine followed by many people. Seeing the color and texture of your beloved hair progressively fading away after each successive shower can get very annoying very fast. If you are wondering how to prevent this, switching to sulfate free shampoo products will do the trick. This cleaning product will not only preserve the color by gently washing it, but you will also be able to retain the same color for longer periods of time, saving you a lot of money on the long run.

Preserves and Improves the Hair’s Natural Oils

Oils are produced naturally by the hair follicles, which keep the hair healthy, shining and properly moisturized. While they are not very attractive in excess, a moderate amount is essential for the hair on the long term.  Unfortunately, hair care products that contain sulfates will not only affect the hair’s ability to generate these oils, but they will also dry it, causing it to become brittle and hard to maintain.

Improves Moisture Retention

Moisture retention is one of the most important factors that influence the hair’s health and growth rate. The hair strands are comprised of two layers – the inner layer is called cortex, while the outer layer is known as the cuticle, whose purpose is to protect the first one. They are both made out of a type of protein known as keratin.

Ideally, healthy hair should be composed of 88 % protein and 12 % water. This ratio is essential when it comes to moisture preservation, otherwise the hair is prone to dryness and breakage. One surefire way of maintaining this balance is by avoiding shampoos that contain sulfates.

What to Look for in Sulfate Free Shampoo

Now that we have delved into the specifics, there are a few more general things you need to know. Most sulfate free shampoos contain ingredients which are derived from fruit sugars and coconut oil, which assure the hair receives a clean, gentle and careful clean. So, before acquiring a sulfate free hair care product, make sure to check the label for these particular ingredients:

  • Sodium cocoyl glutamate
  • Disodium cocoyl glutamate
  • Sodium cocoamphoacetate
  • Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate
  • Ammonium cocoyl isethionate
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine
  • Sodium methyl oleoyl taurate

While there is a high chance you will never experience any negative side effect from sulfate shampoos, it is best to use them as rarely as possible just as a precaution, as the benefits outweigh the negatives. Using sulfate free products will keep the hair properly moisturized, prevent any sores and inflammations from occurring and preserve natural oils and hair dye. Make sure to read through this article to keep yourself informed about their benefits.

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