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Stray Cat Takes Her Baby To The Emergency Room For a Check Up

It was just an ordinary day in the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital in Istanbul, when an unlikely patient walked in. A stray cat walked into the hospital corridor holding her baby in her mouth.

Merve Özcan was in the hall, waiting for her dad, when she saw the unusual patient carrying her baby kitten. The hospital workers were thrilled to see the cat and took a brief break to play with her and her kitten.

The medical staff was also very happy to see the cat and kitten, went to them and loved and cared for them. I think it was a cat that employees already know, and there were people who saw it there before,” says Merve.

Luckily, there was nothing wrong with the cat and her baby. She just went to the hospital to get some milk and cuddles.

Merve managed to capture some photos of the mother-and-daughter duo and she published them on Twitter. The photos went viral! Merve, who’s a cat owner and lover, was thrilled to see the cat and her baby get such care. She explains that there are a lot of stray cats in Turkey, that are fed by the local communities. Since the restaurants are closed under quarantine, stray animals have been struggling to get food.

We are all struggling during these hard times, but if you see a stray animals, give him something to eat! They have been struggling too, and we need to try our best to help them during these difficult times!