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Stray Cat Finds a Loving Home Just In Time To Give Birth

This adorable stray cat was covered in fleas and heavily pregnant when she was brought to an animal shelter. Luckily, the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals took the cat in and arranged a foster family.


Angela Su, a volunteer of the shelter, took in the expectant mom. Angela washed off the fleas and treated her for other health issues. She named the gorgeous cat Iris and it was all a love at first sight. Iris was thought to be due in about a week, but to Angela’s surprise, the cat started having contractions a few hours after she arrived at her new home. Iris gave birth to 4 healthy kittens.

Although Iris had a rough start in life, she is thrilled to find a loving home and a safe place to raise her little babies. Iris proved to be a really caring mom, not leaving her kitten’s sight for the first few weeks.


She is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met. She is almost always purring. One thing I love about Iris is that she’s really talkative. She constantly talks to me or her kittens in little trills and meows,” explains Angela.

Iris is such an attenuative mom. If any of her babies wanders away, she rushed to check on them.

“When mama Iris first came to me she was very pregnant, covered in fleas and had tapeworms. It breaks my heart to think what would have happened if Iris didn’t get rescued. I’m so glad that we were able to get her to my home in time. Her kittens will never have to know a day on the streets, and Iris now has all the luxuries that she wants,” says Angela.

Take a look at the adorable family!