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Stop Negativity. Stop Excuses. Change Your Mindset to Change Your Life

1. Stop hating your body

Be gentle with how you think about yourself. No matter what stage in your healthy lifestyle journey you’re at, it’s never okay (or healthy) to hate your body, or yourself. It’s okay to struggle with self-esteem, many people do. With social media filling our heads with what you’re supposed to look like, it can be hard to feel good if you don’t meet those standards. Instead of consistently comparing yourself to others, as cheesy as it may sound, use this to motivate you! You’re never going to look like them, but you can look like an improved version of yourself. If you sit in the mindset of setting ridiculous standards for yourself, you’ll never end up happy.

2. Change your goals

Instead of obsessing over losing 10 pounds, try finding goals that are not only healthy and sustainable, but are more general for your overall health. Things like increasing your endurance, building muscle, trying to drink enough water, and getting eight hours of sleep at night (see #5). These goals are all things that are not only sustainable, but are healthy ways to think about your fitness and health goals.

3. It just doesn’t work

Consistency is key people! Working out and eating healthy for two weeks and not seeing progress? Do not give up. A healthy body takes time to develop! Stay consistent and motivated and the results will come. Everyone’s body is different and reacts to particular workouts in different ways. If you have been going at something for a while and either are unhappy and bored, or haven’t seen the results you want, try something new.

4. I’m too busy

This is the biggest excuse in the book. A healthy lifestyle isn’t any more time consuming than an unhealthy one. Living a lifestyle that focuses on health and fitness is actually easy, especially when you get into a routine.

5. Choosing Netflix over Sleep

Sure, hobbies and down time are a great way to destress. But choosing to binge watch Game of Thrones at 2 AM over getting a good night’s rest is isn’t the best for your mental or physical health. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night is the sweet spot to make sure your body is functioning properly and your mood is stabilized.

6. Stop being afraid of food

Yes tracking your macros can be good for promoting a healthy body and keeping a log of the ingredients you’re consuming; but there is a fine line. Obsessing and cutting everything out thinking it’s going to help you lose weight isn’t heathy in the long run. Stop being afraid of food! Food is what fuels your body and tells it how to work. So if you think of food as fuel rather than a reward, you’re off to a good start.

About the Author

Edgar Den Uijl writes for Libbera, a natural health fiber supplement company.