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Step by Step Teaching Tips For Junior Golfers

Golf is an outdoor sport that was first played in the 15th century in Scotland. Players use a club to hit balls on a course into a series of holes in as minimal strokes as possible. It is played in an area with an arranged progression of either 9 or 18 holes and not on a standardized playing area.

The aim of the game is for an individual to play for the lowest number of strokes or the lowest score on the most individual holes in a complete round or team. Teaching this to kids can prove to be quite taxing since it may be a little over their level of understanding. It therefore requires one to use a different approach and to stoop to their level to help them understand the play of the game.

Here are the teaching tips for junior golfers
  • One has to consider that children are not like adults as they have a short attention span. Bearing this in mind, first and foremost it has to be fun or else they will get bored and you will lose their interest. To avoid this mishap, incorporate games into the training. This will help capture their attention.
  • One should steer clear of technical terms that give the illusion of difficulty: kids respond better to visual cues and words that they understand. For example, instead of using the term best golf rangefinder, use simple words and explain that these are people that do an excellent job of pinpointing the shortest yardstick between a player and the flag stick.
  • During a lesson, be sure not to over load the kids with too much information. Planning ahead would help narrow down for a specific lesson since their memory isn’t as developed as that of adults and they may forget. Emphasize on one or two key points that they will understand and remember rather than overloading them.

  • Encourage them as they struggle as this will give them the heart to continue trying even when it proves to be hard for them. Enthusiasm when they succeed will make them put more effort into in search of more praise.
  • Incorporate a little bit of competition into the game. The kids amongst themselves will work harder to outdo each other and the inclusion of promissory prizes such as ice cream sundaes during hot weather act as motivating agents. Be sure to keep the competition in check to ensure those that are having trouble getting it don’t feel excluded and loose interest or even throw in the towel.
  • For them to take it lightly even in the face of defeat instill into them that it’s just a game. This will help reduce the pressure they might feel in spite of the aspirations you may have for them in case they don’t end up loving the game.
  • Encourage them to take part in other activities/sports or for them to delve and discover their talents in areas such as arts so that they grow into well rounded individuals.

  • Before they get to pick up a club, teach them the principals. The etiquette and rules of the game. Golf is historically renown to be an honorable game since it uses the idea where a participant self-policy themselves. The aspects of etiquette within the game mirror that of the way people should behave in everyday life…with respect and concern for others. This instills a moral core that resonates throughout your child’s life. Once they get the basics of the game, find an instructor that is well experienced and has the patience that is required while dealing with children.
  • One should also choose the right equipment that is child friendly. Look into junior specific golf equipment where clubs have a patent-pending forced grip that is ideal for kids.
  • Also choose golf clubs that have golf courses that are accommodating to junior golfers, where they set aside specific times where juniors are allowed to play.
  • Now that your child has a grasp on the essence and rules of the game, has good equipment, a place to play and a good instructor, they need to “dress the part”. Get clothing that is tailored for golfers with specifically children in mind. If your child grows to love the game, remember to be realistic in your expectations for them so as to not push them too hard.


In order to grow professionals out of the junior golfers, one can use these tips to make above and also teach them how to use the best golf rangefinder, so that as they play on they develop that love for the game and the quest to play as a lifelong career. This may not be just another skill to them but a life line they will depend on, in the future.

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