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Staying Hydrated on the Go: Mobile IV Therapy for Business Travelers

Although it may be intuitive to believe that the explosion of remote work and Zoom conferences has decreased the need for business travel, statistics show that there are some 445 million long-distance business flights taken each year. This is actually about 10% higher than it was a decade ago.

And in many cases, business travelers do not have the luxury of carefully planning out their ideal itinerary months in advance like casual vacationers do. No, many business trips are critical, last-minute endeavors where professionals just have to get somewhere and get results.

Obviously, frequently taking these types of trips can put some strain on mental and physical wellbeing. To help combat these issues, many weary business travelers are exploring the benefits of mobile IV therapy.

“Traveling for business can be hectic and demanding, but staying hydrated doesn’t have to be. With mobile IV therapy, you can easily and efficiently replenish your body with the hydration and nutrients it needs to stay sharp and focused while on the go. Whether you’re rushing between meetings or flying across time zones, mobile IV therapy is the perfect solution for staying hydrated and performing at your best.” – Vanessa Cabrera of Phoenix Mobile IV Therapy.

With many treatments costing less than $200 per session and completed in less than an hour inside your own hotel room or rental, mobile IV therapy is a quick and affordable way to ensure the quality of your travel experience. If you are a frequent business traveler looking for ways to be at your best, keep reading for a comprehensive breakdown on mobile IV therapy!

Quickly Restores Fluid Equilibrium

Staying hydrated during travel is a riddle that most people have yet to solve.

Not only is it inconvenient (and sometimes impossible) to fit bathroom breaks into a day packed full of connecting flights, turbulence, and business meetings, but business travel can be a stressful scenario that causes the body to burn through fluids at warp speed.

The result is chronically dehydrated business travelers suffering from fatigue, irritability, and all associated symptoms.

Fortunately, mobile IV therapy presents a commonsense solution to this problem. By introducing fluids and electrolytes directly to the bloodstream, travelers can bypass the lengthy absorption process that chugging water requires.

Provides Key Nutrients to Boost Energy and Focus

Similar to hydration, proper nutrition is tough to ensure when away on business travel. Not only do early flights and tight connections create the opportunity for large gaps between meals, but trying to find a time to eat when your daily schedule is packed with business activities creates its own challenges. As a result, there are many “hangry” business travelers out there.

Fortunately, ordering an energy-boosting IV treatment is a straightforward means of getting your nutrition up to par. A brief consultation with a licensed IV provider to go over your medical history and physical profile will help them recommend the ideal cocktail for your specific needs. Typically, energy-boosting treatments will be heavy on magnesium, B vitamins, and iron, but there is no shortage of combinations from which you can choose to help boost energy levels and focus.

Fortifies the Immune System

As a business traveler, you simply do not have time to be sick. Deadlines are deadlines, and you are either there to make that critical sales pitch or you allow a competitor to jump in and seize the opportunity.

The problem is that many of the contributors to jet lag–sleep deprivation, dehydration, malnutrition, etc.–are also primary contributors to illness.

And with the COVID-19 pandemic reminding us of how quickly pathogens can wreak havoc on immunocompromised travelers, it is critical to ensure that your immune system is at its best before, during, and after travel.

There are 13 essential nutrients for health and normal bodily functions. By introducing any combination of these minerals–among others–directly into the bloodstream, mobile IV therapy helps business travelers with run-down immune systems quickly get back in position to ward off infection.

Allows for Freedom in Your Travel

Although the time away from home and family can be taxing for many professionals, one of the best aspects of business travel are those hours when you are not on the clock. Simply put, business travel presents some professionals the opportunity to see and experience parts of the country or world they may have otherwise never seen.

However, those free hours are of little value if you have to use them as a comatose zombie while trying to recover in your hotel room. By quickly restoring vital hydration, electrolyte, and micronutrient levels, mobile IV therapy can provide business travelers the top-notch nourishment they need to enjoy every hour away from home to the fullest.

Schedule a Mobile IV Treatment for Your Next Business Trip

As you can see, mobile IV therapy is an innovative means for promoting mental and physical health amid the hectic demands of business travel. If your work requires frequent visits to the airport, schedule a mobile IV treatment today to help you perform your best!