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Where to Stay During the Travel to France

In this article we will discuss  where you can stay during your trip to France. It the country there is some 22,000 accommodation providers. They range from family-run establishments to international hotel chains. Whether you are looking for mainstream or budget accommodation, there is plenty to choose from. The purpose of this write-up is to provide you a general idea of what you can expect in France.


In France, hotels are graded from 0 stars to 4 stars (Rather close to the grading process in university, when professor check your assignment on plagiarism, spelling and grammar, isn’t it?). The number of starts provided to the establishment is often a precise indication of what the hotel provides. Any accommodation provider with 2 or more stars are expected to provide an elevator, phone in every room, and at least 40% of its room much have attached bathroom. Hotels holding 3 stars must be able to provide breakfast in the room with 80% of the rooms with attached bathroom, while those with 4 stars must have room service and all rooms with attached bathrooms.


Accommodation in France is priced per room, inclusive of tax and service charge. A third person sharing a two-person room has to pay a supplemental charge, while there isn’t much of a reduction for a person occupying a single room. Good to remember about your safety and buy Health Insurance Travel Policy.

Type of Rooms

Double-bed rooms are the default. It rather comfortable if you travel with a companion. If you need the twin or single beds, you need to place a request. Most mid-range hotels provide a choice of rooms with and without attached bathrooms. Opting for rooms without the attached bathrooms can help you cut down on the cost substantially. Rooms with a bathtub are usually more expensive than those with a shower. A room with cabinet de toilette has no bath, shower or toilet.


Many establishments in the resort areas often insist on selling their rooms on half-board or demi-pension basis – the rate includes lodging, breakfast, and dinner. Some offer full board or pension, including lunch also. Although these all-inclusive rates are cheaper than to get your meals elsewhere separately, you should expect the food provided to be from a set or limited-choice menu, omitting any specialties which you have to order as extras. On the other hand, breakfast is charged as an extra if you do not opt for a pension or demi-pension accommodation. In most places, you can get your breakfast at a café nearby, at a lower price than the extra charged by the hotel, and that café breakfast will be more filling and tasty.

Regional Variations

The room rates range from around €30 per room per right for a double room in a 0-1 star establishment to €90 or more for a 4-star hotel. The most expensive accommodation is located in the capital Paris as well as in the coastal belt of Côte d’Azur, where prices tend to be 40% above the national average. Slight less but still about 20% above the national average are places such as Dordogne and Provence. The lowest priced accommodation can be found in the rural parts of France such as Brittany. Room rates also vary according to the season, with coastal and alpine destination charging tariffs of up to 50% above the normal rates during their peak periods.

Travel Season

The main travel season in France is between July and August. If that is when you are going to France, then booking is de rigueur. On the other hand, some hotels, especially in the resort areas, are not open during the off-season, so you should call ahead to find out whether the hotel is open during your visit.

Booking Online

Booking your room online provides a cost-effective and convenient way to secure your accommodation from the comfort of home. There are now several hotel booking websites. Block rooms in bulk, they can offer room rates that are lower than the rack rates offered to visitors off the street. However, different booking sites offer the same room at different prices. To find which site offers the lowest rate for the room, in the hotel of your choice, during your visit, use my free room rate comparison engine.