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Stay Entertained and Informed From Home

When you spend lots of time at home you watch your favorite television shows, re-watch your preferred classics, and also do some game nights with your family. As more and more people are stuck at home due to the pandemic, they are keeping themselves informed by tuning into podcasts, discovering what they need to watch, and staying well-informed on the latest news. You can use many ideas for keeping yourself entertained when you are at home.

Numerous people are tuning to their television sets for keeping themselves entertained and stay updated. For accessing fresh news as well as fun entertainment, you will come across three rows on the home screen of your Android television:

  • Stay Home #WithMe – It features various videos and they invite people to listen to live music, cook, and also workout. And so, people can remain connected even when they are home alone.
  • COVID-19 News – It provides people with the latest news from local health authorities and authoritative publishers.
  • Free Movies – It highlights films that people can watch without incurring any money. Hence, people always find something news.
Some apps that help

You can get access to several apps that would help you in staying updated and also entertained. Some common apps that people use are:

  • Apple News and Google News – Lots of people use these apps and they do a great job of keeping people informed on the newest stories. The remarkable thing is these apps are free.
  • Kindle – Some people do not wish to read but they listen. Kindle allows people to get to an audible book and also understand some challenging books. This app has got an instant dictionary too where you can see the meanings. And so, Kindle is considered an entire digital library.
  • Headspace – Most people get to meditation for passing their time while they manage stress. You will come across many meditation apps that are obtainable for Android and iPhone and one remarkable among them is Headspace. You can use various courses that range from the fundamentals of meditation to several others that would help you in staying positive.
  • The New York Times Crossword – It is a fun method to keep people’s brain-stimulating. People find Monday puzzles to be the easiest. And as the week progresses, the puzzles tend to be difficult. If people find that they cannot do the tougher days then they can return to the archive for practicing the puzzles of Monday and Tuesday.
  • Pocketcasts – You will find many podcast applications and podcasts that are very much similar to other topics, like science, politics, and health. Here, you can discover your daily newscasts.
  • Disney+ – Nearly every person has tried this app but if you have not tried it yet, you must dive into it now. This is a fantastic app for rewatching movies that you loved when you were a kid. The remarkable thing is this app keeps every kid occupied and interested.

Regardless of whether you wish to spend your time with roommates or family, watch your preferred podcast, or simply play a poker game like dominoqq, Nest and Google Assistant will have you covered.