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Stay Connected To the Outside World With Sheer Curtains

There are many ways to dress up the windows in your home, and if you’ve got rooms with a view, you certainly don’t want to be obscuring that view behind thick drapes and opaque blinds. You want to be able to see outside during the daytime, while still maintaining a degree of privacy, as well as having some fashionable window dressing to make your home look amazing.

Well, one of the very best ways to achieve all that is with sheer curtains. This style of curtain material is tailor made to compliment both your interior and exterior in unique ways, so let’s take a closer look at sheer curtains and how they can liven up your home.

What Are Sheer Curtains Exactly?

Sheer curtains are made from transparent fabrics, such as a mesh like weave. Some of very easy to see through while others are more translucent, but the whole concept of sheer curtains is to allow you to see an outside view without having a completely bare window.

They can also be used as accents, where they perform more of a decorative role rather than a way to block out light or offer complete privacy.

They Don’t Have To Be Stand Alone

One common room in the home where sheer curtains might be stand alone is on kitchen windows, as blocking out sunlight and having total privacy isn’t usually a concern in the kitchen.

In other rooms in the home, such as bedrooms or the living room, sheer curtains will often be paired with thicker curtains and drapes, or even blinds. This way you give yourself options. With the drapes and blinds you can block out light when you need to, but you also have the option of opening them right up and simply allow the see through sheer curtains to cover the windows.

The way to achieve the dual effect is to have two curtain rods, or a track for the blinds, with a curtain rod jutting further out from the window frame on which to hang the sheer curtains of your choice.

Do Sheer Curtains Offer Any Privacy At All?

At night time sheer curtains don’t really offer much in the way of privacy, if they are all you have covering your windows. With it dark outside and lit up inside, you’ll be easily visible.

In the day time it’s a different story, and that’s when sheer curtains really come into their own. During the day most styles of sheer curtain will offer you a fair degree of privacy, while still allowing you to see outside clearly.

It’s like the reverse of night time in this way, and sheer curtains have been designed primarily for day time use.

Some Key Advantages of Sheer Curtains

We’ve already talked about the biggest advantage of having sheer curtains installed in your home, and that’s allowing you to see the daytime views unimpeded while still having a bit of privacy.

But what other advantages are there? What else do sheer curtains offer?

Some curtains, and a lot of blinds, do the job, but are not particularly attractive or charismatic. Sheer curtains will add a touch of class and elegance to any room, depending on the colours, styles and fabric you choose.

They are the perfect solution for making your windows, and the room as a whole, look stunning.

Another advantage is you can change the curtains from time to time and give a room a whole new look. Let’s say you want to change the accent colour scheme of your living room, but you don’t want to replace expensive, heavy blinds or drapes in the process.

Simple. Just add some sheer curtains that either match or compliment your new accent colour.

This is all rather easy as sheer curtains are so simple to install, which is yet another positive to add to the growing list of pros.

The Takeaway

The functionality and simple beauty of sheer curtains means they never go out of vogue, and if you have rooms with a view in your home, then sheer curtains are really a must.

With so many options on today’s market, you’ll never be short of new and fun ideas.