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Spring Refreshment in Your Home: 5 DIY Ikea Tricks

You don’t plan spending money on a new table or curtains? You think that you’ve invested enough money in your home, but you want to make some changes this spring? These 5 Ikea tricks will help you make some changes while spending minimum amount of money.

1. Give a new life to your old, boring cupboard

It’s really simple, you can either repaint the old cupboard with wood paint or use your favorite wallpaper. Place your new cupboard next to your bed and use it storing clothes.


2. Turn the old shelf into a mini bar

You must have an old shelf in your home that you don’t use but you still keep it just in case. It’s time to reuse it. Paint it and turn it into a mini bar for your kitchen.


3. Buy cheap bar stools and turn them into art

Buy cheap bar stools or you can also use old chairs you’ve haven’t used for ages. Paint them with a bold color, try the color block trend and add some colorful pillows.


4. Turn the old ladder into book shelves

That old ladder can be turned into amazing book shelves. Lean it against a wall, fixate it on floor and add some decorations, books, cups, photos…


5. Decorate your coffee table

Use paint to add some lines, repaint it all, or simply paint the table legs in a bold color. You won’ need a lot of money, but it will bring freshness in your home.



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