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Sporty and Chic? The One-Piece Swimsuit is For You

Sometimes the sexiest swimsuits are those that do not need to show much skin – such is the case of the classic one-piece swimsuit. It’s elegant, sexy and sporty all at the same time, without saying too much. Athletes wear this swim wear for maximum support and for fluidity of their movements. But it’s not just for professionals – anyone can look good and sexy in this classic attire for women’s fashion swim wear.

The good thing about one piece swimsuit is that they were engineered to give optimal physical freedom. Hence, most swimmers use them instead of bikinis, tankinis or swim dresses. Another thing is that they will never go out of style, being an integral part of fashion swimwear. The only things you should consider are how it fits your body, the cuts and if overall, it gives the right flattery to your body without giving too much away.

Low v-necklines and vertical seams at the bust line are helping to make this year’s swimwear more flattering than ever before, demonstrating that covering up a little can be just as alluring as an itsy bitsy bikini.

In fact women often feel more comfortable and confident, therefore emitting more sex appeal in a one piece.

Even the stars of desperate housewives, one of the sexiest shows on television, decided to ditch the bikinis and grace the cover of Vanity Fair in various one piece swimsuits, cementing their spot in celebrity culture.

Other stars in recent times to catch the eyes of the paparazzi in their one pieces were Penelope Cruz in an Ermes red one piece swimsuit with ring detail and Katie Holmes in her infamous black belted one piece.

So, all you die hard bikini fans out there, why not to try a one-piece swimsuit or at least add it to your vacation swimwear wardrobe, after all the change is as good as the holiday.

Wearing a swimwear that you are more comfortable in is definitely one of the best ways for you to enjoy the cool water and the hot summer season as well. The next time you are looking for a swimwear, be sure to consider a one piece swimwear at Love Loren for a change. You will definitely enjoy it.

Whether you are endowed with a great figure or a plus size, women’s one piece swim wear can accentuate your curves and at the same time make your look shapely by their sheer cut and classy design. Floral prints, polka dots and multi colored swim suits will add brilliance to the wearer and give a striking look too. There are women’s one piece swim wear available for all age groups.

If you are planning a holiday at your beach house or attending a beach party, simply add accessories like a hat, cover ups, beach bags and jewelry that can add a touch of class to women’s one piece swim wear. Chunky bracelets and anklets made out of shells and marbles will go well with women’s one piece swim wear. Since fashion keeps changing check Love Loren for the latest women’s one piece swim wear that never goes out of style.