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Spices That Can Help You to Lose Weight

The ultimate power of spices is uncovered as weapons against illnesses, diseases and weight loss. It is known that spices tend to be used in native India as traditional medicals against heart and cancer diseases.

Science has yet to show that many spices cure disease, and many can help some chronic conditions. Seasoning your dishes with spices is better than using other ingredients such as salt, sugar and sources of saturated fat which relate to many health problems.


Here are seven of the healthiest spices around the world.

Curcumin, one of the most studied active ingredients in turmeric. This special ingredient  helps in reducing the formation of fat tissues as it suppresses the blood vessels that form fat. This way, the curcumin aids, to lower body fat and gain body weight.


Ginseng has an ability to boost energy levels and to speed your metabolism. Panax ginseng is considered to help in losing weight.


This aromatic spice has a sweet and spicy flavor. It is also a thermogenic herb that helps your metabolism to work faster and can increase your body’s ability to burn fat.



This a warming spices with anti-inflammatory properties also know for helping to alleviate and relax your intestinal tract. Ginger has also thermogenic properties and help boost your metabolism, and appetite-suppressant effects when consumed.


Capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their spice, contributes to fight obesity as it lessens the calorie intake, minimizes fat tissue, and lowers blood fat levels. It also fights increasing fat by activating a beneficial protein, which can make changes in your body.


Every part of a dandelion is suitable for eating and nutritious. Dandelion has ability to help slow your digestion, and feel full for longer, and what is more important is helping you to maintain a healthy weight.


Cinnamon can boost your metabolism and also has extraordinary benefits for blood sugar regulation.

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