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Specially Made Sunglasses for Kids

Sunglasses are used to complete two purposes one is to protect the eye, and the other one is, that they are fashionable. Traditionally mostly adults and teen use these eye protections. The babies and kids don’t get a chance to wear those when they need it the most.

Ultra Violet rays or the UV rays are harmful to both the eye and the body. It is even more dangerous for the kids, who get exposed to these rays for a long time. Especially their eyes receive the UV rays unintentionally. Adults are safe from it because of their developed body functions, but with kids and their underdeveloped body functions, it possesses a greater risk. With the depletion of the ozone layer, the risk is also increasing.

How does UV affect babies eyes and not adults?
  • The adult eye is able to constrict the amount of light that enters through the pupil. Pigments are also present in the adult’s eyes that filter the UV rays.
  • Those pigments in the babies and kids eyes are not completely developed. This will allow most of the sun rays into their eyes with UV.
How does it affect the kids?
  • Cataracts –

In this disease, a foggy like condition develops over the eye lens. This usually happens when people are in their 80s. It is also possible for a kid to suffer from this problem if proper care of the eye is not taken. Therefore it is advisable to wear sunglasses when going outdoors, especially if it is very sunny.

  • Macular degeneration-

Retina is the part of the eye that captures the image and sends it to the brain. Macular is the part of the retina, and in this disease, it starts to degenerate, resulting in complete loss of vision. Wearing a sunglass when going out in the sun can prevent this problem from happening.

  • Some types of eye cancers-

Cancer can start from the inside of the eyeball or the retina. Cancer cells in the retina are common in children and are known as retinoblastoma. Therefore, especially during summers, it is advisable to always wear sunglasses when you are taking your kid out in the sun.

  • Skin cancer on the eyelid-

Eyelids are more prone to skin cancers. Sunglasses can prevent such problems.

  • Corneal sunburn-

Cornea is the upper part of the eye and covers other parts of the eye. In this disease, it sustains sunburn.

  • Pterygium (growth on the cornea)-

It is the growth of pinkish, triangular tissue on the cornea of the eye.

How to choose proper sunglasses for toddlers?
  • Protection from UVA and UVB rays- Look for the glasses that filter at least 90% or more than that. It is best to use a glass that filters 100%.
  • Use the gray tinted lens.
  • Choose polarized ones. Polarization makes things more clear and reduces glare.
  • Choose the sunglass, which is durable enough to sustain under kids usage.

It is important to protect your babies eyes now than regretting later. It is also important to keep have a sunshade over the baby’s stroller. It provides enough protection to save those beautiful eyes.