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Specialized Nutrition for Bone and Joints: A Supplement with 26 Science-Backed Ingredients

Your body depends on healthy joints for optimal mobility. When your skeletal system has the nutrition it needs, you can enjoy a fuller range of movement without pain or soreness. Poor joint health can cause misalignment, pain, and a host of other ailments, all of which worsen over time if not treated properly. The more stress you put on your joints over time, the more crucial proper nourishment becomes. STEMBODY® from Nutrients Solutions® provides the vitamins, minerals, and medicinal herbs scientifically proven to help improve bone and joint health while reducing joint pain.

The Company Giving Bones and Joints a Nutritional Edge

Most bone and joint support supplements only give you a small portion of what’s needed for optimal skeletal health. The nutrients within the body work in harmony to perform the functions supportive of holistic bone and joint health, but without all the pieces of the puzzle, your bone and joint supplement is missing the bigger picture.

STEMBODY® from Nutrients Solutions® is a supplement formulated with 26 meticulously researched ingredients that naturally reduce inflammation, as well as nourish your bones and joints, so that they can attain optimal health.

The variety of vitamins, minerals, and herbs found in STEMBODY®’s products is designed to tackle skeletal problems from multiple angles and stop the root cause of pain and inflammation. This formula helps regulate the immune system’s inflammatory response, increase mineral absorption in the bones, and prevent both cartilage and bone deterioration. It also helps stimulate bone growth to combat the bone density loss that typically occurs with age.

What’s in the Supplement?

STEMBODY® contains everything your bones and joints need and nothing they don’t. It’s free of artificial colors, dyes, flavors, gluten, and other major allergens. With STEMBODY® you only the key ingredients—each tested rigorously for purity and quality— encapsulated in vegetarian capsules. Plus, the supplement is manufactured at an FDA-registered facility that’s NSF and cGMP certified.

Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

The turmeric in STEMBODY® helps lower inflammation and can even help prevent autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. Hyaluronic acid, which has been recognized for its role in attenuating joint damage, is an FDA-approved plant isolate found in STEMBODY® that helps lower inflammation and relieves joint pain. Meanwhile, the MSM in STEMBODY® helps remove the inflammation-inducing calcification of your bones and joints. White willow bark, an herb shown to work as well as over-the-counter painkillers in relieving pain, is also included to help mitigate joint pain.

Vitamins and Minerals

STEMBODY® contains the vitamins and minerals your bones need to help increase their density and prevent osteoporosis—a disease associated with low bone density and increased fractures. This supplement provides you with a source of calcium, potassium, boron, vitamin D3, magnesium, and vitamin C to shore up any deficiencies linked to skeletal problems.

Collagen for Cartilage Health

STEMBODY® also contains type-2 collagen, which is the structural protein found in joint cartilage that keeps your joints flexible and strong, since the body’s natural production of collagen declines with age.

Herbs for Bone Growth

Cissus quadrangularis is a medicinal plant found in STEMBODY® that’s known for its ability to help stimulate bone growth. This plant has been proven to help increase bone thickness in animals, and goes a long way toward warding off osteoporosis.


Supplements that improve bone health are crucial for maintaining skeletal health and avoiding problems caused by nutrient deficiencies and everyday wear and tear on your joints as you age. It’s also a great way to help prevent osteoporosis. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, collagen, and premium-grade herbs found in STEMBODY® help to strengthen joint cartilage and prevent joint degeneration, so you can stay healthy and mobile, regardless of age.