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Special Needs Puppy Gets Rescued and Brings Joy To Her New Family

When inspector Lauren Bailey saw Emmie for the first time, she knew the pup was little different and special, so she had to find a special family for her.

When RSPCA got a call to rescue a small dog that was found in a bar, Lauren and her colleagues rushed to the scene. There they saw the little scared Emmie. The dog’s spine was twisted and she’s unable to straighten her front legs. The 5-month old is a mix of Yorkie and a Chihuahua and her deformities were probably caused as a result of her breeding. Many breeders follow the trend to create the so called “teacup dogs”, so the mix breeds ignoring the fact that trying to breed dogs that small, can lead to serious issues.

“Deformities can also be the result of bad nutrition and a poor start in life, with the mum and pups not getting what they needed during the most important first weeks and months of the pup’s life, leading to poor development,” explains Lisa Hens, a dog welfare expert with the RSPCA.

People from the RSPCA were worried that it would be difficult to find a home for Emmie. Luckily, when an animal collection officer found out about Emmie, she knew she had to welcome the pup into her home.

When Kate Wright heard Emmie’s story, she knew she had to help. She has recently lost one of her dogs, and she and Sapphire, her remaining dog, needed someone to focus their energy and love on.

Kate and her family started fostering Emmie and helping her overcome her challenges. Despite her rough start in life and her disability, Emmie is a cheerful and sweet dog that brings joy to everyone.

“I cannot believe how happy and loving this little girl is when she has been so badly treated and let down by humans. She was so skinny and really weak when she arrived here. But she’s a little fighter and has a smashing little character. She’s really made herself at home and loves Saff and my other new foster, Ruby,” says Kate.

Emmie was also doing wonders for Kate and Sapphire, too. She managed to bring such joy in their lives and helped them overcome the loss of their dog. Emmie and Sapphire are now best friends.

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