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Special Guests: 4 Dogs Were the Stars at Their Owners Wedding

Every dog owner can confirm that dogs just make life more beautiful. Dog owners proudly say that their four-legged friends are equal members of the family and that’s why they include their dogs in their most special moments. This story is the proof for that!

Zero, Holde, Navi and Arbor were the guest stars at their owners wedding ceremony. Their owners couldn’t imagine their special day any different.


Here’s what the bride Shandess Griffin says about love:

“Dogs were actually the reason why Jason and I fell in love. He’s the only guy that had the courage to talk to me with all that dogs around me. He’s also one of the rare persons that instantly knew the breed of the dogs. Instead of asking me out on a date, he asked me to take a walk with the dogs. When we started planning our wedding, we knew that the dogs will be involved in the ceremony.”


Shandess first got Zero, that’s Samoyed and then she god Holden, a Bernese mountain dog. A couple of months later, she got Navi, an Australian shepherd. After her love with Jason bloomed, they decided to get a new member of their little family. They got their dog-Arbor who’s also a Bernese mountain dog. Jason even proposed to Shandess with the 4 dogs.

Look at the amazing proposal!


On Shandees and Jason’s wedding day, the 4 dogs looked like true guests stars. They even wore the cutest bow ties.

The bride explains that she was truly happy that her little boys were right beside her on her special day. Zero and Holden even took part in the first dance.


“I was so happy that my dogs were beside me all the time. People from the restaurant were amazing for letting our dogs stay with us on our special day. Their presence made that day unforgettable. All the other guests were thrilled that the dogs were there,” said Shandess.